The XRechnung - you have to expect it!

The XRechnung has been mandatory for authorities since the end of 2020 - but everyone else should also deal with invoices in XML format

The XRechnung is here: As of April 2020, all German authorities must be able to receive and process electronic invoices. The XRechnung is the standard that specifies the methodology and the semantic data model. Important for all companies: Since November 27, 2020, authorities have only been able to accept invoices over EUR 1.000 (net) as XRechnung. An invoice sent as a PDF does not meet this standard. It can be assumed that XML-based invoices will also be used for invoices between companies in the future.

KUMAVISION customers are well prepared for this: They only need a solution for the transmission of electronic data to third parties and access to a certified access point for encrypted dispatch.

“Don't see the XRechnung as a chore. Do you see it as an opportunity to optimize your own invoice processing processes and thus save time and money. "

Karl Heinz Bohlmann
Customer Service Team


Companies shouldn't ignore the approaching XRechnung. If you switch now, you won't be under time pressure later. Quite apart from the obligation to XRechnung, every company also has an advantage from the changeover: If you no longer have to process PDF or paper invoices, you save time and money.

Everything you need to know at a glance

The bill is there! The XRechnung has been mandatory since November 27, 2020. This means that authorities are only allowed to accept invoices that are issued as XRechnung. However, XML-based invoices also offer many advantages when it comes to billing between companies.

Find out in our data sheet how you can convert your processes to electronic invoice processing and thus save time and money.

Data sheet XRechnung

crossinx: send electronic invoices automatically

KUMAVISION works together with the service provider crossinx, which takes on the processing and sending of the invoice data via a certified access point. The electronic data exchange from the ERP software to crossinx takes place via an interface, so that companies receive a simple plug-and-play solution.

Your advantages with KUMAVISION and crossinx:

  • Invoices are sent in all common formats (XRechnung, ZuGFeRD, EDI, etc.)
  • Simple and fast data transfer
  • Immediately ready for use thanks to plug-and-play technology
  • Made and hosting in Germany

Common and available XML formats

XML formats
  • XINVOICE (Germany)
  • EBINTERFACE (Austria)
  • PEPPOL BIS 3 (International)
  • OIOUBL (Denmark)
  • OIOXML (Denmark)
  • UBL (International)
  • EHF (Norway)
  • SVEFAKTURA (Sweden)

Advice from the KUMAVISION Customer Service Team

Do I have to do anything when switching to XRechnung? If so, what and by when? What is the most efficient way to make the change in my company? If you are dealing with questions like these, please contact the KUMAVISION Customer Service Team. We advise you - reliably and competently. Contact us now:

Questions and Answers

What is the XRechnung?

The XRechnung is based on the European standard EN 16931 - Electronic Invoice. Germany is thus implementing the requirements of the European Committee for Standardization (CEN). The data of an invoice are exported to a standardized XML file and transmitted electronically.