Per-case flat rate management

In addition to a lean process for the initial delivery of an aid within the scope of the flat rate per case, all associated processes such as: B. the management of the devices and subsequent calculation of the flat rate are relevant.

Reduce your personnel capacities through the automated processes within our industry solution KUMAVISION healthcare365.

The contents of this webinar recording

In this webinar recording we will show you:

  • What does the care include within the flat rate per case?
  • How are the necessary processes handled in the industry solution?

We promise: No foil battle, just a real look and feel with practical case studies.

target audience

The webinar recording is aimed at all other healthcare providers who do not yet have our current healthcare industry solution in the area of ​​prescription processing365 have in use.


Nicole Loosen is a consultant at M Assist. Thanks to her many years of experience with a service provider in the healthcare industry, she knows the processes and has been able to acquire comprehensive industry knowledge. Your focus now lies on recipe processing, contract management and project implementation according to PRINCE2® > LinkedIn profile

Philip Wilde (presenter) advises and supports medium-sized companies in the digital transformation with a focus on ERP and CRM industry software. > LinkedIn profile

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