DMS - Digital contract management in action

Contracts are often linked to time or commercial parameters, such as extension or notice periods or even payment agreements to contractual partners. A sensitive and timely handling of contracts is therefore essential.

Digital contract management solutions make it possible to transparently and securely map the entire life cycle of contracts from creation to review and approval to controlling in a DMS.

In this webinar, we will use many practical examples to show you how you can save time, increase your process reliability and increase efficiency in day-to-day business with digital contract management. At the same time, you relieve your employees of recurring routine tasks and improve collaboration within the company.

The contents of this webinar recording

  • Contract initiation: how to conveniently create contracts in a digital file
  • Contract management: how to store current contracts centrally and maintain them efficiently
  • Contract controlling: how to keep an overview of all contracts - including deadlines, dates and terms
  • Digital signature: how to digitally sign outgoing contracts

target audience

The webinar is aimed at all companies that want to manage their contracts transparently and conveniently.


Sascha Bippus is sales manager at KUMAVISION DMS GmbH. His focus is on the optimization and digitalization of business processes Microsoft Dynamics 365-Technology platform > LinkedIn profile.

Christina Zerbin-Richts (moderator) is lead manager at KUMAVISION. She advises and supports medium-sized companies in the digital transformation and is the first point of contact for your inquiries. > LinkedIn profile

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