DMS – Central functions of a document management system

Efficient administration in companies is now completely digital. The advantages of completely digitalized document management are visible after just a short time.

With the help of DMS solutions, implementing multifunctional document management is easy. This is how you bring order to your entire filing system and implement the concept of a paperless office. With a digital system you can simplify the time-consuming search for information. KUMAVISION DMS GmbH helps you integrate such a system that includes all areas in your company.

The contents of this webinar recording

What are the advantages of digital document management:

  • Fast and direct access to all information – without the hassle of searching
  • Space and resource-saving elimination of paper-based filing systems
  • High transparency and compliance when dealing with all types of documents
  • Time savings and relief for employees through automated processes

target audience

The webinar is aimed at anyone who wants to gain a deeper insight into the possibilities of a document management system or anyone who is still at the very beginning of digitalization.


Sascha Bippus is sales manager at KUMAVISION DMS GmbH. His focus is on the optimization and digitalization of business processes Microsoft Dynamics 365-Technology platform > LinkedIn profile.

Christina Zerbin-Richts (moderator) advises and supports medium-sized companies in digital transformation with a focus on ERP and CRM industry software. Their focus is on the manufacturing industry > LinkedIn profile.

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