Manage machine rental without Excel and paper

Fr 19.07.2024
10:00 am - 11:00 pm

How are you currently managing your rental business? With different software solutions? Paper and Excel? That sounds inconvenient and not efficient. We'll show you how to do it better.

Automated workflows can significantly minimize errors and enormously increase efficiency in day-to-day business. The following applies: the less frequently a rental order has to be handled, the lower the error rate. At the same time, the efficiency of process processing increases.

The content of this webinar

  • How rented machines, customers and rental periods can be clearly displayed and planned in a graphic calendar
  • which useful extensions we can use to improve the standard of ERP software Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central expanded.

The rental module represents an extension of the standard of the ERP software Microsoft Business Central for processing rental transactions for equipment and machines. Rentable equipment and machines are fully integrated into the service area and asset accounting. In addition to the commercial processing of rentals, this area also offers a graphical representation of the planning in the rental area. Separate pricing is available for rentals. Accessories for machines and devices can be defined and, if necessary, rented out. Mandatory surcharges, such as insurance, are also included.

target audience

The webinar is worthwhile for anyone in the machinery trade and rental business who is looking for a fully integrated ERP solution for their rental business.


Nicholas Boehlen is a consultant for wholesale at KUMAVISION. His focus is on the optimization and digitization of business processes with the Microsoft Dynamics 365technology platform and the best practice processes of KUMAVISION. > LinkedIn profile

Kristina Gräbner (presenter) is the first point of contact for wholesale and retail companies at KUMAVISION. > LinkedIn profile

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