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Strategic support of your sales by Dynamics 365 for Sales

June 02, 2022 10:00 am - 11:00 am
This is an online event

Does everyone on your team have their own repository for their customer information? Do you maintain information about your customers in Excel lists? Don't have an overview of your sales pipeline? Do your employees spend a lot of time emailing information to colleagues?

Digitization is rapidly changing the B2B business. Sales must rethink in order to use the potential of digitization. Because the customers determine where the journey is going. 60% of sales managers in B2B companies are aware that they have to digitize their sales in order to survive in the market.

That is why the digitization of sales is a strategic topic for the future.

The CRM software Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales professionalizes your digital sales and offers you completely new possibilities in the organization and handling of your sales activities and sales opportunities.

We show you live:

  • How you get a real 360-degree view of your customer data thanks to the transparent presentation of all information
  • How to turn leads into opportunities
  • How to develop sales opportunities into buyers and customers
  • How to use the dashboard in Dynamics 365 Sales Keep track of your sales pipeline at all times

Target group:

The webinar is aimed at all companies that want to take their sales to new heights. 

Your speakers 

Peter Huber
Heike Klecha

Peter Huber
is a consultant at KUMAVISION. His focus is on the optimization and digitization of business processes with the Microsoft Dynamics 365technology platform and the best practice processes of KUMAVISION.

Heike Klecha
is lead manager at KUMAVISION. She advises and supports medium-sized companies in the digital transformation and has many years of experience with ERP and CRM industry software. LinkedIn profile"



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