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Your digital assistant - process automation in customer service through chatbots

May 20, 2022 10:00 am - 11:00 am
This is an online event

Chats are now an important communication channel in customer service - both in the B2C and B2B environment. Chatbots are an ideal tool to keep recurring Automatically process and answer standard inquiries. If digital assistants relieve your customer service employees of simple but time-consuming tasks.

Typical areas of application for chatbots are the processing of returns, questions about delivery dates and article availability, requesting spare parts, arranging service appointments or other standardized questions. Ideally, chatbots and service staff work seamlessly together. The chatbot answers routine questions, while the human colleague takes over for complex issues. 

By the way: bots are not limited to text. Voicebots are recommended for telephone customer inquiries. They work with speech recognition/speech output and work similarly to text-based chatbots.


In this webinar, learn how to use chatbots to make your customer service more attractive, relieve your employees of time-consuming routine tasks and optimize the cost structure.

  • Contemporary offers: In addition to the classic communication channels, offer your customers a modern alternative that scores with comfort and simplicity on the customer side.
  • No waiting: Direct communication in the chat instead of endless queues in the call center. Your customers can raise their concerns immediately in the chat, which increases customer satisfaction.
  • Continuous availability: With chatbots, you can be reached by your customers 24/7 in customer service - regardless of business and working hours.
  • Fewer routine tasks: Use chatbots to relieve your employees of time-consuming, recurring tasks such as returns processing, invoicing or information on delivery dates and product availability.
  • More time for customers: Use the time gained by chatbots for face-to-face customer discussions. For detailed advice including cross-selling, the answering of complex, individual issues or the quick solution of problems.
  • Easy scalability: With chatbots you can strengthen your team quickly and easily. Handle more customer requests with the same headcount. Stay available at all times, even during periods of high demand.
  • New business models: Use the potential of chatbots for new business models. Not only offer your customers more convenience with chatbots, but also new opportunities as a unique selling point.
  • Optimized costs: Chatbots not only offer an attractive lever in times of a shortage of skilled workers to reduce personnel expenses in customer service or to promote company growth.

Your speakers 

Hasim Ayyildiz
Christina Zerbin-Richts

Hasim Ayyildiz
is Presales Consultant at KUMAVISON. He advises and supports medium-sized companies in the digital transformation with Microsoft 365technology platform and the best practice processes of KUMAVISION.

Christina Zerbin-Richts
is lead manager at KUMAVISION. She advises and supports medium-sized companies in the digital transformation and is the first point of contact for the manufacturing industry.


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