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MDR: document control made easy

January 21, 2022 10:00 - 11:00
This is an online event

Whether Device Master Record (FDA), Medical Device File (ISO 13485: 2016) or technical documentation (MDR): Current regulatory provisions require a master file that describes exactly how a medical device should be manufactured, used and maintained.

In view of the large amount of information required, paper-based approaches are increasingly reaching their limits. The consequences: tedious searching for documents, outdated versions and expired approvals.

How to meet these strict requirements efficiently and safely with the KUMAVISON industry software for medical technology and our new MDR module we will show you with numerous practical examples in this webinar. 

The topics of the webinar

  • Many document types, one storage location: Thanks to DMS integration, you can manage a digital master file with technical drawings, assembly and production instructions, general terms and conditions, test plans, certificates or packaging regulations directly in the KUMAVISION industry software in an audit-proof manner and without double data maintenance.
  • The right document in the right place: Whether production, purchasing, sales or service - we will show you how you can automatically integrate documents into your business processes and use them in a variety of ways. B. print directly with your receipts.
  • Articles subject to approval: Do you want to make sure that certain articles can only be sold in countries with approval? That articles can only be purchased from selected suppliers? Find out how easy it is to set up and manage the feature requiring authorization with KUMAVISION.
  • Safe transition from MDD to MDR: How to prepare your master data for products already approved according to the MDD in advance for the MDR and automatically convert it on the key date.
  • All admissions and dates at a glance: We will show you how you can not only manage approvals and certificates with KUMAVISION, but also plan their renewals safely - including a reminder function, task assignment and status overview at the push of a button


Register now for our webinar "MDR: Document control made easy" free of charge and learn from numerous practical examples how you can safely and conveniently implement the MDR requirements.


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