DSGVO compliant recruiting with KUMAVISION

Friday, 16. August 2019 10: 00 - 11: 00
This is an online event

Since the introduction of the European Data Protection Regulation, in short DSGVO, in May 2018, companies have received tight bandages regarding the handling of personal data of private persons.

Of course, this also applies to applicant management. Application documents are gladly sent to the company by e-mail, stored in several locations and distributed several times. Thus, the legally required complete forgetting of the data, ie the deletion at the request of the private individual, difficult to comprehensively detect.

By using ELO HR Recruiting, we show you how to handle such tasks without any problems.


Per email to kundenberatung@kumavision.com or by phone at 0231 982355-178. We ask for your understanding that the maximum number of participants is limited.

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