Microsoft Unified Platform

A platform for all business applications

Unified Platform - the idea behind Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is more than just one CloudVersion of the well-known ERP and CRM solutions Dynamics NAV and Dynamics CRM. Because behind Dynamics 365 is the idea of ​​a unified platform on which all business solutions work with a unified data model. Integrated processes between ERP and CRM, office and business analytics, IoT and service offer companies enormous potential to further optimize their processes.

Seamless interaction of your business applications

Unified Platform Dynamics 365
In the Unified Platform, all business applications are already perfectly networked in the standard and use the same platform. The close interaction is not on Dynamics 365, Power BI, Office 365 and Outlook limited. Connectors supplied with 200 allow you to share data with other data sources, such as LinkedIn, as well as third-party software solutions that can even access on-premise data directly.

Power for your business

A platform on which all business applications with a common data model do their service - that is unique in the world and exists in this form only from Microsoft. Whether Office, Dynamics or the ERP industry software from KUMAVISION, whether BI, CRM or PowerApps based on it - all solutions work together with integrated processes. For you, this means real increase in productivity.

Networked data and processes

With the Microsoft Unified Platform, you benefit from end-to-end processes - across all applications. The platform provides all relevant business solutions, from the operating system to databases, applications and software CloudServices and intelligently combine them based on a single data model.

Short innovation cycles

The digital transformation of the economy means that new, important functionalities and services are constantly being provided. Skipping releases is therefore not useful. For this reason, Microsoft has made the release change extremely easy with the Unified Platform: new features are continuously uploaded in the background, all automatically work at any time on the current version and have direct access to new technologies.

Scalable architecture

Easily customize your software to meet your needs: The scalable architecture of the Unified Platform provides a wealth of business and industry customization options, allowing you to tailor solutions to your needs.

Maximum flexibility

The Unified Platform enables seamless interaction between the ERP system as an enterprise-wide hub for core business processes and other dynamics 365Applications without losing the desired flexibility and agility. This also means that not every employee necessarily has to work with the ERP and still has access to all relevant data from the ERP system at all times.


ERP industry solutions for Dynamics 365

KUMAVISION also provides its proven ERP industry solutions on the Unified Platform. The industry-neutral basis is Dynamics 365 Business Central expanded with tailor-made industry functions. This allows companies to benefit from the benefits of the flexible Unified Platform and best practice best practices. In intensive cooperation with Microsoft, project365, the world's first business solution for project service providers for Business Central. Further ERP industry solutions will follow.

The technological basis: Microsoft Azure

The Unified Platform is based on Azure, the CloudComputing Offer from Microsoft. This technical foundation provides 100 services that cover all IT requirements in the corporate environment, from virtualized IT infrastructure with databases and servers to applications, to topics such as IoT, machine learning and blockchain, and intelligently interconnected with each other. On the other hand, these offers are arbitrarily scalable. This means that medium-sized companies without Azure's investment in their own hardware have almost unlimited computing power available, opening up new dimensions for solution concepts.


The universe of the Unified Platform

Unify Microsoft applications like Dynamics 365 Business Central, BI, Office 365 and PowerApps to get your customized software solution tailored to your needs.


The CRM solution Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement connects marketing, sales and customer service and ensures consistent processes and clear data analysis.

Business Central (ERP)

Business Central (ERP)

Benefit from the all-in-one enterprise management solution from the Cloud and connect all areas of your business from finance to merchandise management and sales to customer service. For a comprehensive overview and optimized processes.

Power Apps

Power Apps

Customize Office 365 and Dynamics 365 through powerful apps to the needs of your business. Make use of a large selection of templates or design the app design using the simple point-and-click method.

Power BI

Power BI

Leverage business analytics tools to gain visibility across all business units and generate visualized reports for enterprise-wide use across the web or on mobile devices.



Automate one-time and recurring tasks through workflows between apps you use and tools. Use preconfigured templates or design your own workflows using a visual development tool.

Office Series 365

Office Series 365

Take advantage of the familiar applications of Microsoft Office 365, complemented by tools for better team collaboration and intelligent workflows. For more productivity - even on the move.

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