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What role platforms and Cloud Playing computing in digital transformation

Cloud Computing, artificial intelligence, IoT and platform-based ecosystems are the drivers of digitization across all industries. At the same time, they form the basis for new, digital business models, for more automation and efficient processes in the company.

Whether manufacturing industry, trade or service: If you want to keep up with the competition, you can no longer avoid investing in digital solutions. That shows Trend study of the leading European IT market analysis and consulting company PAC (Pierre Audoin Consultants), which was created in cooperation with KUMAVISION.

Find out in the trend study why investing in digital innovations is worthwhile and how other companies are already setting the course for more future security.

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In this trend study you will find out which digital innovations are really worth investing and how other companies are already setting the course for more future security.

PAC trend study Use digital innovations better

In this trend study you will find out:

  • Which innovations will change the markets and customer relationships in the future
  • How the digitization of the manufacturing industry, trade and the service sector is advancing
  • What role will digital platforms play in the future as a hub for data and processes?
  • Why it is important to familiarize yourself with the subject Cloud To grapple with computing
  • How Microsoft Dynamics is accelerating digital transformation
  • What possibilities KUMAVISION customers can already use today

"More than a third of the companies in Germany use Microsoft Dynamics in their organization. Another third are planning investments. The Dynamics platform is one of the most important ERP and CRM applications in Germany."

Source: PAC CxO Survey 2020

Powerful software platform

The powerful Microsoft Dynamics technology platform With its modern architecture and extensive integration options, it takes digitization to a whole new level.

  • By dispensing with data silos, workflows without interfaces are possible. Efficiency and transparency increase, key figures can be called up across applications at the push of a button.
  • Software and services of the new Microsoft technology including Azure Cloud- Offers can be flexibly combined with one another and easily adapted according to individual requirements.
Microsoft Dynamics 365
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