Logo Advanced Composite Engineering

ACE specializes in the realization of lightweight structures made from all fiber composites for the automotive and aerospace industries.
Approx. 120 employees / 25 users

Logo alfer aluminum

Alfer® aluminum Gesellschaft mbH is the market leader for aluminum profiles in Europe. KUMAVISION for the manufacturing industry is used to create an integrated system with an international focus for the optimized use of resources.
Approx. 300 employees /> 165 users

Logo Allweier

The Allweier Präzisionsteile GmbH is a specialist for CNC turning, milling, grinding and assembly of assemblies. The company uses KUMAVISION for the manufacturing industry, for example, for the consistent and seamless mapping of its business processes, production and connection to customer portals.
180 employee / 40 user

Bellmer GapCon

From the wire section through the press and dryer section to rewinding, Bellmer GapCon supplies paper machines for all process steps. Internally, KUMAVISION's ERP industry software ensures smooth operation between departments for the manufacturing industry.

Logo Culimeta Automotive Darmstadt GmbH

Culimeta Automotive Darmstadt GmbH supplies large parts of the German automotive industry with its heat shields and sound absorbers. The supplier decided in favor of KUMAVISION ERP for the manufacturing industry because the ERP solution already includes industry-specific automotive functionalities as standard. In addition, integrated workflows improve planning security.

Logo Electric Project

EP Elektro Projekt plans and implements automation solutions, and the company also develops and produces electrical components. KUMAVISION for the manufacturing industry offers a high functional coverage of the requirement profile and, thanks to its intuitive operation, could be introduced without a great deal of training.
100 employees / 45 users

Krekeler & Losch

In close contact: Krekeler & Losch relies on KUMAVISION ERP, thus ensuring greater transparency.

Logo LST

From the beginning, the contract manufacturer LST has specialized in customized sheet metal processing. Whether single part, large series, bending or welded construction, circuit board or complete assembly: LST supplies customers from the most different branches in Germany and Europe.
50 employees / 20 users


LUDO FACT is Europe's largest independent game producer and supplies over 170 game publishers worldwide. KUMAVISION for the manufacturing industry covers the entire process chain: from purchasing to production, assembly, packaging and shipping.
200 employee / 75 user

Logo MTI Mischtechnik International

MTI Mischtechnik International GmbH is a leading manufacturer of mixing plants for plastics, chemical products and pulps. The contract manufacturer develops and produces customer-specific mixing plants at the Detmold location with a very high level of vertical integration.
Approx. 70 employees /> 25 users

Logo NDT

NDT Systems & Services develops, manufactures and supports stationary and mobile test systems. The company also conducts pipeline inspections worldwide. As a cross-divisional ERP solution, KUMAVISION for project manufacturers offers industry-specific modules for project manufacturers, integrated quality assurance and a connection option for the development department.
Approximately 500 employee / 50 user

Logo Otec

OTEC is a manufacturer of surface cleaning technology. KUMAVISION for the manufacturing industry enables fast business evaluations and statistics.
100 employees / 50 users

Logo Pfannenberg

Pfannenberg produces system solutions for switch cabinet air conditioning as well as optical and acoustic warning and emergency signals. KUMAVISION for contract manufacturing is used as an end-to-end solution from CRM to PPS with logistics, resource and capacity planning.
> 400 employees /> 200 users


The Taconova Group AG, based in Switzerland, is a leading manufacturer of innovative hydraulic solutions for heating, sanitary and solar energy applications in residential and commercial properties. With KUMAVISION ERP, Taconova networks sales and production in Switzerland, Germany and the Czech Republic.

Logo UTT

The company from Krumbach produces highly specialized fabrics in the areas of airbag and Mobiletech fabrics, ribbons, parachute and spinnaker fabrics, lightweight fabrics, protective clothing and peel ply.
Approximately 200 employee / 60 user