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"Reports that we used to have to manually create from various sources with a lot of effort, we get today at the touch of a button"

Thomas John, Sales Manager AEMtec GmbH

Company Profile:

  • Provider for embedded electronics and security solutions
  • 800 employee / 65 user
  • Location: St. Gallen (CH), further locations: Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Netherlands


  • A solution that covers the diverse needs of the three global businesses
  • Additional in-house software development for simplified maintenance of the sales pipeline
  • Rolling sales planning to optimize the sales process
  • Various interfaces to SAP and other ERP systems
  • Sophisticated reporting


  • High professional competence of KUMAVISON
  • KUMAVISION as an experienced and consulting partner
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM supports multilingual access
  • Seamless office and Outlook integration as well as familiar Microsoft interface

reference report

Reference Report More than a CRM (PDF)

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