ERP, CRM, BI and Office

Software projects
without on-site appointments

Personalized support

No travel times, no travel expenses

Flexible timing

Proven in customer projects

ERP, CRM, BI and Office:
Software projects without on-site appointments

There is another way: Execute software projects online

Ob ERP, CRM, BI or Office, New introduction, Update project or individual extensions - Even without on-site appointments, we work with you to successfully complete software projects. Online projects are also recommended if employees work at different locations or if tight deadlines make it difficult to plan on-site events.

Since face-to-face appointments cannot be transferred 1: 1 to the digital world, we have put together a toolbox that has already proven itself in numerous online projects: One for online appointments coordinated project methodology, contemporary Collaboration tools like Microsoft Teams and the extensive experience From customer projects implemented exclusively online, lay the foundation for you to work productively with your KUMAVISION solution quickly.

How to benefit from online projects

  • Personalized support
    Individual contact for your software project
  • No travel times, no travel expenses
    Collaborate regardless of location and across locations
  • Innovative workshop concept
    Everything is done online, no on-site appointments required
  • Diverse support
    Online workshops, 1: 1 sessions, tutorials, e-learning 
  • Agile project methodology
    Work productively faster with a practice-oriented approach
  • Modern technology
    Transparent cooperation with Microsoft teams
    (Video conferences, chat, tasks, data exchange)
  • Best Practice
    Proven approach in online customer projects

Webinar: Implement projects online

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Learn how to:

  • Execute software projects without on-site appointments
  • which working methods are used efficiently online
  • achieve your project goals safely and on time
  • Communicate transparently with all project participants

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The building blocks for successful online projects

Own project methodology

For online projects, we have developed a specially coordinated project methodology that takes into account the special features of the online communication channels, the changed attention spans and the topics conveyed. After all, nobody wants to follow an eight-hour webcast.

We rely on a sophisticated mix of online and offline phases, on different formats such as interactive workshops, guided training, presentations and homework. During the offline phases, we prepare new content, incorporate your feedback and are available for information. This ensures efficient progress in the project.

In this way, we also accommodate those customers who would find it very difficult to organize full-day workshops due to many appointments and employees at different locations.

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