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18 January 2021

KUMAVISION certified as a Microsoft Catalyst Partner

KUMAVISION has received certification for the Catalyst Partner Program from Microsoft. The business software specialist is not only expanding its partnership with Microsoft, but is also expanding its service portfolio in the field of digitization in order to be able to provide customers with comprehensive advice on digital transformation.

"We support our customers in successfully planning their further development and implementing them step by step," explains KUMAVISION board member Markus Birk. “This of course includes the software, but also extensive knowledge and skills in the area of ​​change management. Therefore, on the one hand, we rely on innovative technologies from Microsoft such as Dynamics 365who have favourited Azure Cloud as well as the Power Platform, on the other hand on comprehensive support from the first ideas to implementation. "


Catalyst for ideas

The Microsoft Catalyst program forms the strategic and methodological framework for the development, planning and implementation of strategies for corporate transformation. The aim is to develop visions and put them into practice with the appropriate technological options. The basic structure is the IDEA model, which uses the phases Inspire, Design, Empower and Achieve to describe a four-stage procedure from brainstorming to the implementation of a transformation strategy. It is based on the findings of the innovative design thinking approach, in which user-oriented solutions are developed in a creative setting. A holistic view prevents one-sided solutions and ensures that the best strategy is implemented, taking all aspects into account.


Technology as a motor

"The Catalyst program offers an innovative approach to transformation projects," explains Andrea Fiedler, Consultant at KUMAVISION, who is certified as a Microsoft Catalyst Partner. “The strategy is already being worked out with a view to the technological possibilities. As a result, valuable potentials that result from the interaction of corporate goals with technology can be recognized and made usable for digital transformation in the first phases. ”An approach that is essential for successful transformation. Because only when methods, skills and technologies interlock, the new strategy can be anchored in the company and grow.


A strong partner

For 25 years KUMAVISION has been implementing software projects based on Microsoft technologies. This comprehensive know-how is also reflected in the award as a Microsoft Gold Partner and benefits the customers directly: "We show our customers how they can achieve their corporate goals with innovative technologies and thus become more successful," concludes Markus Birk. Experienced digitization experts like Andrea Fiedler support companies in developing their transformation strategy and taking the right steps. In doing so, they draw on extensive knowledge of the Microsoft solution portfolio and many years of experience in a wide variety of industries.


You can find more information about the Microsoft Catalyst program on our blog.

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