20. August 2020

The XRechnung - you have to expect it!

The XRechnung is here: As of April 2020, all German authorities must be able to receive and process electronic invoices. The XRechnung is the standard that specifies the methodology and the semantic data model. Important for all companies: As of November 27, 2020, authorities may only accept invoices over 1.000 euros (net) as XRechnung. But all other companies also benefit from the invoices in XML format. Because those who no longer have to process PDF or paper invoices save time and money.

The XRechnung is based on the European standard EN 16931 - Electronic Invoice. Germany is thus implementing the requirements of the European Committee for Standardization (CEN). The data of an invoice are exported to a standardized XML file and transmitted electronically. This means that all relevant invoice data can be automatically processed and further documents can be integrated if necessary.


This applies to invoicing

The XRechnung has been mandatory since November 27, 2020. This means that authorities are only allowed to accept invoices that are issued as XRechnung. Since this is a European requirement, it will gradually become binding throughout the EU. Anyone who sends an invoice to a public client after November 27, 2020 that does not comply with the XRechnung standard will then experience an unpleasant surprise: the authority is not allowed to accept the invoice and will therefore not pay it. Important: Conventional PDF invoices are also considered incorrect electronic invoices in the sense of the XRechnung format. This does not apply to invoices below EUR 1.000 net and orders from the defense and security sector.


Companies have a duty

The underlying guideline relates exclusively to authorities. This means that invoices in any format can be sent between two private companies. However, it can be assumed that after the switch to XRechnung, companies will make the XML standard mandatory for their suppliers. That means companies from all other industries will sooner or later have to deal with XRechnung. Better earlier, because if you switch now, you won't be under time pressure later.


What to do now

If companies do not yet have any electronic invoice processing in-house, the processes in this area must be completely re-examined and, if necessary, redone. In addition, it will be necessary to introduce software that is able to process the XRechnung standard. KUMAVISION customers are well prepared for this: They only need a solution for the transmission of electronic data to third parties and access to a certified access point for encrypted dispatch.


More about XRechnung: www.kumavision.com/xrechnung


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