29. July 2019

Energy-efficient production with GREEN Factory from KUMAVISION

An app that makes it easy to measure the current energy consumption of all machines and production equipment and to forecast future energy consumption. This vision should soon become reality with the "GREEN Factory". The app uses innovative for it CloudService solutions, opening up the opportunities for demand-based energy use and capacitive fine planning. Forward-looking energy planning enables companies to benefit in several ways: they avoid cost-intensive peak loads, can, in combination with storage systems, buy electricity at low prices and also reduce their energy consumption.

Open Day: Production 4.0 to touch

At the Open Day of the Fraunhofer IPA at the 17. July 2019 could be interested in 4.0 5 applications, smart machines and XNUMXG CloudDiscover and explore services. In addition to information offers such as the World Café and the expert tables, the keynote speeches of five practical projects of the "Cloud Mall BW "on the Agenda, which started in April this year. Together with cooperation partners KUMAVISION presented the pilot project "GREEN Factory". The application shows how to use Cloud-based solutions meaningful energy balances and resilient forecasts are created.

Energy balances at the touch of a button

As ecological awareness increases, so does the demand for resource-efficient and low-carbon production. For companies, this is accompanied by a change in production and logistics planning. Previously, classic factors such as the availability of raw materials as well as machine and staff resources were taken into account. Now energy requirements and energy availability are also taken into account. With the cooperation project "GREEN Factory" between the Fraunhofer Institute for Production Engineering and Automation (IPA), the integrated informationssysteme GmbH and KUMAVISION, a project has been started, which among other things has the goal to make a contribution to the environmentally friendly production in large and medium-sized production companies. Manufacturing companies receive transparent indicators for energy consumption in production via the app and can keep track of when and how much energy is needed. As a result, companies can not only make energy purchasing cost-efficient, but also reduce their energy consumption - thereby reducing carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxide emissions.

About Cloud-Mall

One of the central concerns of the project "Cloud-Mall BW "under the leadership of the Fraunhofer IAO is to break down the boundaries between industries and thereby generate synergy effects, which is a cross-cutting CloudEcosystem from providers and users. As part of the cooperation, various practice pilots promote new ways of innovation.


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