04. February 2019

KUMAVISION on the HMI: Digital Factory with ERP and IIoT

KUMAVISION shows at the Hannover Messe how the interaction between ERP and IIoT not only optimizes processes for manufacturing companies, but also improves quality and reduces costs. KUMAVISION will be presenting the new version of the ERP industry software for pavers based on the VDMA joint booth (Hall 7 / Stand E26) Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central introduces Microsoft's Unified Platform, which combines ERP software, IIoT, business analytics, CRM, and more in a unified environment.

"2019 clearly focuses on the further integration of IIoT applications into the ERP software," says Markus Kießling, Division Manager Manufacturing Industry, for the coming year. In doing so, KUMAVISION relies on a lean, forward-looking strategy: "We provide our customers with a flexible platform, from which they can put together their own individual solution from various applications that is optimally adapted to their specific requirements." Instead of a monolithic ERP system, which is being extended by more and more functions, the seamless interaction of applications and apps occurs. "We take the clumsiness of the ERP software and thus strengthen the competitiveness of our customers, enabling them to react faster to new market and customer requirements, while at the same time unlocking considerable savings potential and contributing to the sustainable improvement of the quality system," explains Kießling.

IIoT creates new opportunities

Whether predictive maintenance, digital retrofit, lot size 1 + on economic terms, new business models or cost advantages through optimized and automated processes: the digital transformation offers companies almost unlimited application possibilities. At the booth, KUMAVISION will show how telemetry data from machines can be sent directly to the KUMAVISION ERP industry software for the manufacturing industry and trigger workflows there. For example, if sensor data indicates that a component of a machine needs to be replaced, an order is automatically placed to a technician. All information he receives directly on his mobile device. Plans and bills of materials are available to him on site so that he can carry out the repair or maintenance quickly and efficiently. The concern of many entrepreneurs to have to renew the use of IIoT equal to the entire machine park, scatters Kießling: "Retrofitting with sensors is usually no problem." So that all components can communicate with one another even in the case of a heterogeneous machine landscape and different protocols, KUMAVISION integrates the Microsoft Azure IoT Central solution: the service enables cross-manufacturer networking of the machine park and easy evaluation of sensor data.

Unified Platform: the basis for the digital transformation

The basis for the ERP and IIoT solutions from KUMAVISION is the new one Unified Platform from Microsoft. At the heart of it are Dynamics 365 Business Central, the successor of Dynamics NAV, as well as the Cloud Platform Microsoft Azure, which provides numerous IoT services. "With the Unified Platform, Microsoft delivers an offer that is unique in the world of software: ERP, IIoT, CRM, Artificial Intelligence, Image and Speech Recognition or Office Applications: The Unified Platform allows all relevant enterprise control applications to be integrated operate on a base, "says Kießling. Enterprises can combine software and services of the new Microsoft platform as needed and adapt them comfortably - in many cases even without programming knowledge. A real unique feature: Everything accesses the same data base. There are no interfaces, so that convenient cross-application workflows can be set up.

Cognitive services as support

The Unified Platform Microsoft provides many services related to Artificial Intelligence (AI). Companies can customize and train these services to their requirements. One of these AI services deals with image recognition. This technology offers manufacturing companies valuable support in quality assurance. This makes it possible to reliably check, for example, whether installation has been carried out correctly, whether safety regulations are adhered to or whether logistics are correctly stored and stowed. Even more complex scenarios are conceivable with which processes can be optimized and costs can be saved: At the workbench, an employee puts together a component from many small components. The required small parts are in handy containers. But what happens when the supply runs low? The classic variant: the employee interrupts his work and triggers an order. The version with image recognition: The employee only takes care of the assembly. The camera registers when the minimum filling quantity in the container is undershot and reports the demand automatically to the system, the subsequent delivery is reliable and timely.

Business Analytics for more transparency

Industry 4.0 solutions generate a multitude of data that needs to be interpreted first, so that companies can make meaningful use of it. Business Analytics and Business Intelligence are no longer a field of action for exclusively large corporations. Even medium-sized companies need transparency about factors such as machine utilization, parts supply, order intake and much more.

The Unified Platform includes with Microsoft Power BI an interactive business analytics solution that visually visualizes data. KUMAVISION provides industry-specific templates for Power BI, which include numerous key performance indicators (KPI) and reports. Companies can start immediately and easily adapt the solution to their individual circumstances. In Power BI data from different sources are analyzed, processed, condensed and clearly visualized. On a dashboard, the management then has a clear overview of all relevant key figures - and in real time.

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