24. July 2018

Digitalization live: KUMAVISION practice forum for manufacturing companies

The ERP system is the digital heart of companies in the manufacturing industry. But regardless of whether mechanical and plant engineering, series or individual production or equipment construction - all manufacturers face the same challenge. For the advancing digitization demands the ERP system with various programs, apps, sensors and platforms as a central integration hub. At the same time, this results in enormous optimization potential. How they are implemented efficiently and innovatively in all areas of the company, participants learned at the practice forum "Digital Transformation in Manufacturing" of KUMAVISION in practical live presentations.

The right strategy

Digitization has finally arrived in Germany. Now it is no longer a question of whether, but how companies optimally use the manifold possibilities of digitization. And the question of which technologies make sense for one's own company is also crucial for a successful digitization strategy. At this point, the practice forum "Digital Transformation for the Manufacturing Industry" in Gottenheim near Freiburg started at 19.07.2018 and demonstrated in practice examples tailored to the industry how companies can use KUMAVISION's ERP industry solution to exploit the opportunities arising from digitization , "A look into the ERP system reveals the role that the solution must and can play in the course of digitization," says Albert Hutzenthaler, ERP Consultant at KUMAVISION. "As a central information and control unit, the ERP is the basis for the digitization of the company and thus for a successful future."

Insight into the ERP solution

Around twenty participants used the opportunity, including customers and interested parties, to exchange views on the challenges of digitization with KUMAVISION's ERP experts and to play through live processes from the everyday life of manufacturing companies in the ERP software. Ordering at the touch of a button with the KUMAVISION IoT adapter, with its support, sensor data and other information from the Internet of Things can be conveniently transferred to the ERP software, in purchasing, order-related one-off production, as well as graphic planning and production control through to use From Predictive Maintenance to Digital Retrofit, KUMAVISION's ERP industry solution connects all business units and supports the integration of the latest technologies such as IoT, AI, and Big Data. "Based on the many practical examples, it was easy to understand which integration role the ERP system plays in connection with digitization and how easily and quickly machines can be connected to the industry solution from KUMAVISION," reports Günther Ziegler, Technical Director at Eltex Elektrostatik GmbH and Participants of the Praxisforum. "All in all, the event was very valuable for my understanding of the current issues surrounding digitization."

Varied program

The event was rounded off by a presentation by reference customer alfer aluminum GmbH. "For 17 years, Microsoft Dynamics NAV and KUMAVISION have been a strategically important building block in alfer aluminum's business model as well as in corporate management. Requirements are either covered by the standard or implemented company-specifically, with the aim of increasing efficiency and reducing costs, "explains Hutzenthaler. Based in Wutöschingen, in the heart of the "aluvalley", the company is digitizing its processes across all sectors, from purchasing and sales through production and service to warehousing and logistics with the help of KUMAVISION's ERP industry solution for the manufacturing industry. Another opportunity to network with other companies offered the final networking.

Project support by KUMAVISION

What's next? KUMAVISION also has an answer to this question: In the digitization workshop, experienced experts jointly develop customized solution concepts for the customer. "Of course, this is about the right technological foundation. However, the development and expansion of methodological knowledge and skills at the interface of business and technology as well as a new understanding of leadership that overcomes classic "silo thinking" are crucial for the successful implementation of digitization within the company, "explains Thomas Kugel, Consultant for Digitization at KUMAVISION. In addition to this strategic consulting and concrete support in the planning, implementation and evaluation of digitization projects, KUMAVISION offers a multitude of products and solutions relating to the ERP system, with which companies can design their processes for the future.


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