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01 December 2017

Customer magazine KUMAlive: One case for two

KUMAlive output 2017-2 KUMAlive output 2017-2

In times of digitization and the CloudComputing is making the ERP world more complex. However, the choice of the right partner is always easier. Because only big and stable partners have the resources to keep up with the technology change. And dawdling does not work. Who tries to sit out the digitization sitting on a lost post. Microsoft as a global software company and KUMAVISION as a large but medium-sized implementation partner are the perfect team for SMEs. Read more in our cover story.

 The topics of this issue

  • Cover Story: One case for two
  • Reference: Setral Introduces Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • Reference: auric hearing systems opts for KUMAVISION
  • Reference: Intervie with Marcus Schreiber, auric Hörsysteme
  • Reference: Silo systems Achberg relies on KUMAVISION ERP
  • Reference: KRÄMER + GREBE Modeling links processes and IT systems
  • Reference: DAV uses NAV
  • ERP aktuell: Getting close: ISO 13485: 2016 puts pressure on medical technology
  • ERP up-to-date: The DSCVO is coming: What the EU data protection amendment means for you
  • Knowledge: 10 Reasons for KUMAVISION ERP
  • KUMAinfo: All support tickets at a glance
  • Query: Workshop Digitization Five questions to Thomas Kugel


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