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Software as a Service: Your last ERP update project

Customer magazine KUMAlive 2021

In many companies, the word "update" breaks out in a cold sweat among management and IT departments. At least when it comes to ERP software. Because in this context this has so far meant a completely new introduction with all the risks and side effects. But the world keeps turning: a horse-drawn carriage becomes an electric vehicle, a glider becomes space tourism, and fixed software installations become software as a service (SaaS). Reached too high? Not at all! With SaaS, the ERP area is heading for a fundamental cultural change. Updates run permanently in the background, new technologies are available immediately and individual adjustments are integrated into the software as updateable extensions. Only one thing will remain constant: KUMAVISION will optimally support you as a partner. Read more on the subject in our cover story.

Our SaaS solutions are based on the world's leading technology platform Microsoft Dynamics. In the success stories of this issue, you can find out how our customers benefit from this unique ecosystem in the digital transformation of their business processes. In our specialist articles, we introduce you to Power Apps, a prominent member of this platform. This means that you can add new functions to your business software even without sophisticated programming skills. The world keeps turning and there is a lot to discover. Also in this issue of KUMAlive.


The topics of this issue

  • Cover story: Software as a Service (SaaS): Your last ERP update project
  • Reference: The future with a firm eye - the international Werner Sobek group of companies is driving digitalization with KUMAVISION
  • Reference: Engineering in perfection: Stefani networks processes with the ERP solution from KUMAVISION
  • Reference: Agile to the goal - Reha Assist benefits from agile project methods with the ERP update
  • Reference: Grown trust - bellissa HAAS GmbH controls the entire company with KUMAVISION ERP
  • Reference: Automation² - The electronics mail order company ELV optimizes its software infrastructure with Microsoft Dynamics and know-how from KUMAVISION
  • Reference: Well taken care of - Fahl relies on individual patient care and industry software from KUMAVISION
  • Reference: ERP system with a clear view - Sky-Frame controls its processes with KUMAVISION ERP for the manufacturing industry
  • Current: Everything about Microsoft Power Apps - digital transformation in practice
  • Current: On a new basis into the future! - The project management platform KUMAVISION target is now even more agile with Atlassian JIRA and Confluence
  • Current: IT strategy and digitization consulting - new service offerings
  • Knowledge: New Work: What remains? What works? - What opportunities the Internet of Things opens up
  • News
  • Asked: EOS Solutions - Five questions to Günther Lobis
  • KUMAinfo: Locations, Events, Webcasts



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