Data integration and data migration with Scribe

Current data is the hub in every company, no matter in which industry. In many cases, companies use different application systems, data sources or SaaS platforms. As a certified reseller of Scribe KUMAVISION offers you a variety of ways to integrate or migrate data. Keeping this data at your fingertips saves time, avoids costs and creates valuable competitive advantages.

Scribe Insight is specifically designed to support the efficient delivery of leading enterprise software, specifically Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Scribe Insight enables our customers and partners to quickly and seamlessly integrate business-relevant application systems and data stores within your organization.

Scribe solutions are easy to configure and can be adapted to changing business processes at any time.

Basics of the Scribe design philosophy

Scribe Insight is designed to best meet the unique needs of a business. Scribe migration and integration solutions are essentially based on the following design columns:

  • No programming: The unique toolset enables companies or data analysts to design and deploy world-class migration and integration solutions quickly and without the hassle of IT.
  • Comprehensive flexibility: Direct configuration for unidirectional data migration, real-time bi-directional synchronization, and comprehensive process integration
  • Central Administration: An intuitive management console allows effortless support and easy maintenance, even after the solution has gone live.
  • Uniform adapter architecture: The core development environment consistently presents connected applications and provides the user with the information needed for migration or integration tasks.
  • Open connectivity: The integration foundation that enables users to integrate core enterprise solutions with a variety of application programs and databases unique to your business.
  • Configurable template model: Reusable integration components that quickly assemble users for different integrations and easily adapt to the specific needs of their application environment.

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