Sanction Check – Sanction check for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Testing all your contacts for conformity with export control legislation, US prohibited & early warning lists, and European anti-terrorism regulations (EC 881 / 2002 and 2580 / 2001)

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Sanction Check – Sanction check for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Examination against export control law, US ban & early warning lists and European anti-terrorism regulations

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App Compliance Check

All contacts are checked against sanctions lists

Sanctions check made easy – directly in Dynamics 365 Business Central

Legally compliant logging

Our Sanction Check App for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central automates the time-consuming process of sanctions checking. In addition, all your business contacts are automatically countered different sanction lists checked. In this way, you can effectively and easily reduce your risk of maintaining business relationships with sanctioned persons or organizations. 

Full system integration

Sanction Check is fully integrated and quickly ready for use thanks to the setup wizard. You work on the usual user interface in Dynamics 365 Business Central. By integrating the sanctions check in all master data and business transactions, blocked contacts are displayed directly in the transaction or when the master data is created. How to use the app to ensure no delivery to blocked contacts.

With Sanction Check you can carry out various checks

  • Automatic checks during processes such as the creation of quotations, invoices, or contracts
  • Manual individual tests possible
  • Ad-hoc check when creating a new contact
  • Peridoc master data check

Advantages for your company


No more time-consuming, manual list matching required


Complete logging of every check


Always up-to-date sanctions lists and automatic blocking of contacts


Automatic check performance at self-determined intervals

Transparent costs

Flexible pay-per-use payment model

integration into Dynamics 365

Inclusion of the sanction check into company processes and procedures

Instant result

Direct display of the check result in the process or master data set


Setup of individual workflows


Authorizations for conducting exams

Try it without obligation:

Try our Sanction Check app with 30 free transactions

Would you like to buy the app?

You can download the app from Microsoft AppSource Free trial period. To purchase transaction packages, access the KUMAVISION Module Setup in Business Central, select the desired package and complete your purchase with Paypal. Please take a look at our video description.

Prices for sanction checks

500 transactions

54,00 €

5.000 transactions

360,00 €

10.000 transactions

540,00 €

50.000 transactions

1.140,00 €

There are no basic monthly costs for using the app. You book transaction packages depending on your needs.

If you purchase several packages or if there are remaining quotas, the checks are added together: For example, if you still have 10 checks left and you buy a package of 500, you will have a total of 510 checks available.

The scope of services includes all updates to the database and the application. All prices mentioned are plus VAT. The package is valid for 36 months after purchase.

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