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First class customer service with

Dynamics 365 for Customer Service

Your customers want perfect advice, tailor-made offers and fast and reliable support. To meet these challenges, the CRM solution supports Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Service Your employees through comprehensive networking, in-depth data analysis and intelligent tools. Satisfied customers appreciate a competent service.

  • Automatic forwarding of customer inquiries to the responsible employee - independent of the channel
  • Recognize opportunities for up-selling and cross-selling
  • More efficiency and support through intelligent workflows and bots
  • Proactive customer service and preventive support through comprehensive data analysis
  • Overview of all customer contact processes in the CRM software
  • Tracking customer issues through inquiries
  • Build and track service levels through Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
  • Optimized deployment of people and resources through reports and dashboards
  • Insights on customer behavior and employee productivity
  • Real-time interactive dashboards: sound analysis and powerful visualization capabilities
  • Intelligent planning of employees and processes with the CRM solution
  • Continuous improvement of service quality through the use of customer feedback
  • Self-Service: Searchable knowledge base with personalized information
  • Definition of service conditions by authorizations

Close collaboration between support, customer service and sales

With Microsoft Dynamics 365, you can network all business areas from sales and marketing through project management and financial management to customer service, support and sales force, thus benefiting from close cooperation and an optimized exchange of information.

By using a uniform database, all employees in customer service can access up-to-date and comprehensive information at any time - for fast and targeted support as well as satisfied customers.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for customer service

Optimize the quality of service with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and use the full power of your customer data. The CRM solution provides easy-to-use dashboards in a familiar Outlook environment and intelligent workflows that reduce administrative overhead. This allows the service to fully focus on the customer.


Get faster, more effective answers with built-in mail merge, email templates, and simple conversion of emails into cases.

Individual adaptation

Simply adapt the CRM solution to the individual needs of your company - with intuitive tools and no cumbersome coding

Comprehensive personalization

Reduce time spent looking for information and spend more time serving customers - thanks to personal views, recently used data lists and record favorites.

Unified Desktop

Use your CRM solution to deploy a Unified Service Desktop.

Optimized case management

Leverage the intuitive features of the case management CRM solution to help create, track, resolve and escalate cases.

Native Outlook client

Realize central and efficient control of contacts, calendar entries, service tasks, and emails on a familiar Microsoft Outlook interface.


Benefit from all the advantages of a modern one CloudSolution: No investment in building an IT landscape, perfect scalability and maximum data security through hosting in certified, European data centers.

Easy integration

Perfect connection to third-party solutions such as Power BI and Office 365 and several hundred data sources.

Low training period

Thanks to the role-based in-app learning function of Microsoft Dynamics 365 New employees are supported individually during training and learn the important processes for them.

Cross-channel support

  • Offer your customers information via various channels and forward inquiries - no matter where from - directly to the responsible employee in the CRM solution.
  • Automate support applicants with service bots and gain more time for valuable interactions.
  • Prevent service and support requests and take proactive action.

Individual customer approach

  • Create a world-class service experience with intelligent automation that presents all the relevant information when the service requires it.
  • Create a personal customer interaction through an all-round view of customer contact histories Microsoft Dynamics 365.
  • Benefit from more information in the service and tailored recommendations that are provided by the intelligent bots for the employees.
  • Take advantage of the upsell or cross-sell capabilities of your support team and increase your sales opportunities.

Agile learning

  • Improve your customer service through feedback from direct surveys, discussion forums and social networks, and learn more about the needs and desires of your customers.
  • Evaluate your support activities and mission-critical data directly in Dynamics 365 and transform insights into valuable service offerings through targeted analysis.
  • Reduce training time for new service representatives by providing your employees with information about new features in the CRM solution and best practices, using the in-app learning feature.
  • Target your service employees where resources are needed.

Driving innovation

  • Easily customize the CRM solution to your individual needs with code-free editors and tools.
  • Benefit from the advantages of the integrated CRM solution and automated processes - across all Dynamics 365 Applications and third-party systems.
  • Rely on the proven Microsoft Dynamics platform and reduce the cost of a global IT infrastructure.
  • Use the data at your disposal to create completely new types of customer interactions.

Perfect service support

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Service improves transparency across the entire customer contact chain through automatic workflows such as Optimized Case Management and actively supports your employees in processing service requests. Intelligent functions also relieve the service department of routine tasks and enable it to offer individual consulting tailored to the respective situation.

Comprehensive service analyzes

Get more visibility with real-time dashboards, drill-down analysis and in-line data visualization - out of the box and configurable.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM



Address your customers through targeted campaigns, go one step beyond e-mail marketing in customer care and drive the networking of sales and marketing.



Leverage comprehensive insight into revenue and customer data to strengthen business relationships, proactively meet customer needs, and increase productivity.

Field Service

Field Service

Support your customers with custom maintenance schedules and intelligent scheduling that turns fast support into the standard.

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