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Microsoft Dynamics 365: Features

Outstanding features for marketing, sales and service

New prospects, increased sales and increased customer satisfaction - if these are your goals, come to the CRM solution Microsoft Dynamics 365 not over. The outstanding features of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Helping you make marketing campaigns more successful, get business done faster, or provide your customers with more reliable service across all channels.

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Sales: Gain more degrees

Spend thanks to CRM with Dynamics 365 more time with central sales activities and less time with administrative tasks. Benefit from full lead-to-cash visibility, lead and opportunity tracking, optimized approval procedures, and real-time sales forecasts to improve sales results and completion rates.

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Marketing: Get better results

Improve the marketing effectiveness of your organization with Dynamics 365, Give your marketing staff flexible tools for segmentation, campaign control, response tracking, and analytics.

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Customer service: delight customers

Bid your customer with Dynamics 365 Microsoft provides a compelling service that enhances customer retention. Support your employees with the right tools to simplify case management, shorten escalation processes, improve knowledge sharing, and enable more effective customer management-all cost-effectively and flexibly.

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