In-depth CRM diagnostics

How fit is your CRM?

Many companies already have a CRM system. But often there is a need for further action. This can have different reasons:


The CRM system is rarely used internally.


The CRM system no longer meets the requirements of the market and the company, and important functionalities are missing


Mobile usage and integration of the CRM system into the IT environment leaves much to be desired


The data quality in the CRM system suffers from incomplete or doubly recorded entries


The result falls short of expectations for unknown reasons, but further key figures (KPIs) are missing

The KUMAVISION CRM benchmark


Analysis, evaluation, recommendations for action

One thing is for sure: if your CRM system does not deliver the success you expected, you need to find out why as soon as possible. For an exact analysis, we have developed the KUMAVISION CRM benchmark. With this method, we assess the maturity of your customer relationship management. In doing so, we go into the depths of the individual disciplines, processes and tools and measure their performance.

You want to know why your CRM does not perform to its full potential? We thoroughly test your existing CRM and derive specific recommendations for your company from the analysis so that you are well prepared for future challenges.

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We analyze and evaluate your CRM system according to the following criteria:

  • What goals are you pursuing and with which strategy have you set off?
  • Which processes have you established and how efficient are they?
  • How do you collect data and what is the quality of the data records?
  • How are the business units sales, marketing and service networked? Which synergies can be tapped here?
  • Does the technology fit your needs and goals?
  • Are you using key performance indicators (KPIs) and are they capable of measuring the success of your CRM?
  • How efficiently do employees use CRM?
  • Is there feedback from employees, customers, suppliers and management?

Your advantages: CRM with KUMAVISION

With our sophisticated analysis techniques, we collect the required information directly on site - that means with employees and management in the form of workshops and individual discussions. We prepare the results clearly and derive concrete recommendations for action.

  • Individual SWOT analysis of your CRM
  • External, neutral rating with 360 degree view of company and employee processes and corporate goals
  • Concrete recommendations for optimization - based on many years of cross-industry CRM and process expertise
  • Practical, future-proof concepts to improve the existing system or to introduce a new CRM solution
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