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ERP software for serial production and the supply industry based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV

The true complexity of serial production takes place outside of pure manufacturing. The ERP software from KUMAVISION is therefore ideally equipped for organization and communication within the supply chain.

With its process-oriented planning and control functions (PPS), KUMAVISION's ERP software for series production based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV is, in contrast to classic ERP and PPS systems, directly tailored to the concrete requirements of series production - the core area of industrial value creation. With KUMAVISION, you provide the right answer to the increasing demands of series manufacturers. Because the market demands ever faster delivery times, more individual products, smaller batch sizes and ever shorter product life cycles.

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Advantages for serial production, automotive and supplier industry with KUMAVISION ERP

  • Convenient framework order management
  • Automated data exchange via EDIFACT, ODETTE and VDA
  • Integrated batch and serial number tracking
  • Versatile quality assurance
  • Complete operational data acquisition

ERP industry functions and business processes for series manufacturers

KUMAVISION ERP is the perfectly coordinated ERP software for series production, the supply industry and the automotive industry. Numerous tried-and-tested industry-specific functions ensure well thought-out business processes and therefore greater competitiveness.


KUMAVISION supports electronic data exchange with customers and suppliers. Scheduling agreements can be exchanged automatically via EDI. As exchange formats EDIFACT, VDA, ANSI X.12, ASCII and XML can be used optionally.

Cumulative quantities

Cumulative numbers serve as checksums for the own and customer-confirmed delivery quantities of scheduling agreements. Metric deviations are easy to control and the supply chain can be displayed in a lean and transparent manner.

Pack management and logistics connection

With an optional module, transport and freight companies can be seamlessly integrated into the industry software. Exchange data for collection, labels and delivery notes electronically.


In the logistics area, KUMAVISION supports the requirements of the automotive industry with its convenient load carrier management with mailing lists according to the place of unloading.

Scheduling agreement and sales planning

Scheduling agreements are considered as additional requirements to the standard sales schedule in the planning run. This means that the standard functionality of the sales plan can be retained.

Order management plan

The blanket purchase order plan and the purchase order plan are further documents in purchasing for the automatic processing of quantity and date changes for vendor orders. Preview, call-off and daily call-offs are automatically created from the preceding order proposals.

Product version

The article versions of the ERP software describe the product lifecycle from drawing through prototype and 0 series to mass production. These revisions control BOMs and routing usage in the scheduling and procurement process.

Quality Management

KUMAVISION enables a complete auditing of the value added chain from raw part through processes to the finished part and thus enables the assurance of quality requirements according to manufacturer specifications - including management of the test equipment.

Distribution cockpit

With KUMAVISION, transparency already begins in sales. The sales cockpit brings together all relevant customer information. In calculation runs, bid prices can be played through in advance. A trailing calculation forms the basis for controlling.


Everything you want to know. Everything you need.

The ERP solutions from KUMAVISION are perfectly tailored to your role in the company: Whether management, project management, purchasing, financial management and controlling, marketing and sales or customer service: Find out in our information brochure what advantages KUMAVISION offers you.


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