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LS Recommend:
Personalized product recommendations

LS Recommend is one cloudbased software as a service (Saas) that provides individualized product recommendations for your customers - both in the online shop and at the PoS (cash register and mobile devices). The solution is integrated into the complete LS Retail software, so that you and your employees can conveniently manage all data in one system and use the usual dashboards.

The solution analyzes the shopping behavior of your customers and uses Microsoft Cortana Intelligence to recommend the right products to each individual customer. This improves customer service and creates a unique shopping experience both online and offline. At the same time, you strengthen customer loyalty and increase your sales figures through targeted cross-selling

Increase your sales through cross-selling and up-selling
Create unparalleled shopping experiences
Proactively fulfill the wishes of your customers

LS Recommend at a glance

  • Cloudbased Saas solution
  • Perfectly integrated into the software of LS Retail
  • Combinable with both Cloud- as well as on-premise solutions
  • Clear user interface and short training times
  • At any time access to all information - with all devices
  • For online and offline trading (e-commerce, PoS, loyalty apps)
  • Omni-channel solutions

Benefits for branch and retail

With LS Recommend ...

Know the wishes of your customers
Gain valuable insights
Increase your sales
Personalize the Customer Journey
Offer your customers an individualized shopping experience
Improve customer service
Strengthen customer loyalty
Support your sales team
Realize promotions and campaigns exactly
Increase the accuracy of your forecasts

Security meets scalability: LS Recommend in the cloud

LS Recommend is a software as a service (Saas) solution that means you do not need your own IT infrastructure and have access to your data anytime, anywhere. It also adapts to your needs and grows with your business. So you only pay for what you actually use.

Exactly tailored to your industry

With KUMAVISION you benefit from many years of experience and experience comprehensive industry knowledge in the retail sector. We adapt the software solution LS Recommend to the needs of your company. Make use of the full potential of your customer data and increase your sales with LS Recommend. Arrange an appointment now!

Individual customer service

With the software solution LS Recommend you support your employees in direct sales: By pooling all relevant data from past sales both online and offline, your employees at PoS gain valuable insights for customer service.

Targeted, real-time information enables salespeople to tailor their customers' needs and provide them with comprehensive advice, taking into account all known data and predictions.

Intelligent learning

LS Recommend analyzes the shopping behavior of your customers in order to derive interests and wishes with the help of Microsoft Cortana Intelligence. This artificial intelligence learns independently and can make precise predictions. From the knowledge gained, LS Recommend derives the appropriate product recommendations that are most in line with customer interests and previous purchases. However, LS Recommend can also be configured manually so that you can use the information you have collected so far for individual product recommendations.