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ERP software for medical technology and the healthcare market

No other market is as demanding and dynamic as the healthcare industry. Constantly falling margins increase the competitive pressure of retailers and manufacturers alike, as well as service companies, medical supply houses and in the area of ​​home care as well as rehabilitation technology and orthopedic technology. Healthcare changes are constantly changing your needs.

KUMAVISION ERP is the efficient industry software for medical technology and healthcare market. It combines professional merchandise management, modern customer relationship management (CRM), production planning and control, quality management and complete financial accounting with all relevant industry functions. In addition, it automates numerous standard processes, provides employees with all the necessary information and provides business analysis at the touch of a button. In the areas of consulting and service, both internal and external service benefit from the advantages of industry functions.

The healthcare industry is versatile - KUMAVISION fully meets the needs of everyone involved, creating valuable competitive advantages. About 9.000 users already rely on the ERP software from KUMAVISION and the consulting expertise of our specialist consultants.

The ERP industry software for medical technology and the healthcare market is based on the Microsoft Dynamics (Navision) platform used worldwide. Microsoft has awarded the KUMAVISION industry software the "Certified for Microsoft Dynamics NAV" certification. You too can benefit from maximum investment security and future security through cooperation with two strong, innovative partners.

Focus on digitization

KUMAVISION is your partner for the digital transformation of other service providers. With our practice-oriented solutions, you not only lower your costs, but also handle more processes with the same number of employees. At the same time, you get the flexibility you need to grow further with new offers:

  • Automatic checking of the additional payment when the invoice is issued: Reduce the number of recipe returns and relieve your employees of time-consuming and costly routine tasks. Further information
  • Intelligent document management: How to record and process recipes, documents and e-mail faxes in a time-saving manner and thereby overcome data silos. Ideal for networked work and for employees in the home office.
  • Crediting: The new alternative to time-consuming and labor-intensive cost estimates. You can find out what needs to be considered in our specialist article from the health professional
  • Apps for the field service: Regardless of whether it is maintenance, technical service or sales - use our mobile apps to ensure efficient collaboration between field service and office staff. Get direct access to all information from anywhere, automatically initiate follow-up processes and work in offline mode if necessary
  • Record recipes quickly - regardless of the (data) origin: With our new software extension you can easily connect field service apps or web shops to efficiently process digital recipe orders mixed with paper recipes from the branch.


  • Integration of all business processes in one software
  • No duplication of data
  • All necessary information is always accessible
  • Extensive and always current and comprehensible evaluations
  • Multi-tenancy
  • Multilingual support
  • Extensive access rights system
  • Illustration of the sector-specific or legal requirements from MPG, ElektroG, ISO and others
  • WebApp (KUMAVISION med mobile runs directly in an internet browser and is therefore platform and device independent)
  • Touchscreen-optimized user interface for intuitive, device-specific operation
  • Privileged user authentication
  • user configuration    
  • Master Data Information:
  • Display detailed information about
    • Insured persons and their transactions or used aids
      among other things, the list of incidents for recipes and open withdrawals,
      Display of arrears, diagnostic warnings, arrears, backlog lists
    • Prescribers and their patients and prescriptions
    • health insurance
    • Mediators and their patients and recipes
    • Articles
  • Verordnerneuanlage    
    New patient care (new supplies to patients can be recorded by specifying "free" article information.)
    Contract review and information for the patient re-supply
    Ordinance image (photograph of the ordinance and direct transfer to the process in KUMAVISION ERP (to speed up the KV process, for example)
  • Further processing of the processes in KUMAVISION ERP:
    The recorded new patient supplies are displayed in KUMAVISION ERP in a transaction inbox and can be further processed there (eg preparation of cost estimates)
  • Order entry:
    Entry of orders (which are released by the internal staff in KUMAVISION ERP) to customers with optimized article search
  • SA releases:
    For customers with a defined scheduling agreement, the release quantities can be maintained and orders can be generated: The order can be created centrally by the automatic retrieval of the scheduling agreement quantities or by the field representative
  • Entry of additional orders for the scheduling agreement
  • Document Management:
    Patient specifications (such as weight), product specifications (such as wheelchair features), questionnaires, fitting sheets, dimension sheets etc. can be provided from KUMAVISION ERP and maintained on the terminal
  • Recording proof of delivery directly at the mobile device
  • Online Signature:
    Delivery proofs can be signed on the terminal (storage of the signature to the document as an image)
  • Hand delivery notes:
    Assignment of manual delivery notes to transactions via photo on the terminal
  • Document filing in the document management system:
    Optionally, the documents added to the terminal are in the document management system Saperion saved
  • Process entry via templates:
    Capture of customer requirements via reappointment lists, stating the quantity ordered.
  • Generation of processes for approval / further processing in the office
  • Task Management:
    Integration of the resubmission functionality from KUMAVISION ERP
  • Creation and maintenance of visit reports:
    Recording visit appointments, results and tasks
  • Non-fiction, Accounts Payable Accounts Payable complete in one system (optional)
  • SKR03, SKR04 or any other individual chart of accounts possible
  • Tailored analyzes in account schemes and MS Excel - adapted to the chart of accounts used
  • Variable illustration of tax requirements
  • Complete multi-currency capability
  • Intrastat / Summary message
  • Bank Account Management
  • Domestic and foreign payments, SEPA
  • Reading of bank account statements for automated document clearing
  • Flexible analysis views - online or on paper
  • consolidation
  • XBRL (Extensible Business Reporting Language)
  • Reminder and interest system
  • Asset Accounting
  • Functionalities for the automatic activation of current assets in asset accounting (eg for rental and flat rate equipment)
  • Automatic revenue accrual for rental and case flat-rate revenue
  • Automatic accrual-based revenue transfer for rental and lump-sum revenue
  • Running stock valuation
  • Cost Center Accounting
  • Cost accounting
  • Datev interface (optional)
  • Liquidity forecast (optional)
  • contact management
  • Profiling contacts (questionnaire)
  • Flexible segmentation of contacts
  • contact management
  • hospital departments
  • duplicate check
  • Integration to sales and purchasing processes
  • Up system
  • Integration in mail systems (MAPI capable systems)
  • Campaign and Action Management
  • Document Management
  • Opportunity Management
  • Sales management and controlling
  • Outlook integration
  • Marketing Cockpit as a single point of information for a contact
  • Visit report recording and evaluation
  • Different order types for trade orders, loan orders, view orders and much more
  • document history
  • blanket orders
  • Drop Ship
  • Practice and consultation hours
  • Complete pricing (special conditions, graduated prices, multi-level discounts, dressing prices and much more)
  • Order entry via customer history and customer-specific reappointment lists
  • Set processing
  • consignment stock
  • Take back and exchange administration
  • delivery tracking
  • Delivery to ramp, to stations etc.
  • analysis views
  • Association management
  • rebate settlement
  • commission settlement
  • Project Management
  • package tracking
  • Flexible workflows
  • Sales Information System
  • Connection field service / sales information cockpit
  • Call center functionalities (single point of information, call recording)
  • Automatic printing of original delivery notes for invoice printing (optional)
  • Efficient handling of warehouse and commission goods
  • Distinction between active article master and catalog articles
  • More storage life
  • storage zones
  • storage bins
  • Foreign and consignment warehouse
  • Party property management
  • Illustration of several storage strategies: without storage bins, free storage bin selection, article-specific storage bin selection, chaotic warehouse management
  • Different storage strategies
  • Different outsourcing strategies (eg First Expired First Out (FEFO) principle, 2-level picking (optional))
  • Quality assurance in goods receipt including test equipment management (optional)
  • Rampdriver / Commission article management
  • Connection to shipping service providers (eg DHL, TOF, UPS, TNT, DPD, GLS) (optional)
  • Parcel tracking / tracking
  • Document-less handling with barcode
  • Individual article stickers
  • Annual inventory
  • Permanent inventory
  • Inventory valuation and depreciation (manually or according to predefined rules)
  • EAN codes
  • Purchase
  • again inserts
  • duration regulations
  • subsequent regulations
  • DRGs
  • rental fee
  • Current costing for case flat rates - including depreciation
  • Co-payment determination and management
  • Co-payment calculation
  • Economic contribution
  • Quotation Management
  • Electronic quotes
  • Extension management for permanent regulations
  • recipe requirements
  • Electronic billing according to § 302 SGB V
  • Electronic billing according to § 300 SGB V
  • Rezepttaxierung
  • Efficient handling of standard recipes
  • Differentiated tracking of prescription periods, billing intervals and approval periods
  • resource management
  • Contract and operation manager
  • Cash-based, contract-dependent process control
  • Billing Center and Estimator Cashier Manager
  • Dimension sheets
  • Document Management
  • Illustration of the cash-specific contract and billing-relevant accompanying documents
  • document archiving
  • Article, performance. and contract pricing
  • Federal Prostheses List
  • pool management
  • tour
  • maintenance tracking
  • Sanitätshausabwicklung / Point of Sales (POS) processing (till)
  • Tailored individual production for orthopedic technology and orthopedic shoe technology
  • Simple feedback of times and consumptions for technicians
  • Electronic patient documentation
  • Sales Information System
  • Connection field service (nursing staff)
  • Electronic registration in cash-specific forms by the sales force
  • Recipe manager for scanning prescriptions (with text recognition) and electronic postpress in the company (optional)
  • Integration of document management system into the specific processes in the health insurance business (optional)
  • Flexible control for own, third-party, order and warehouse production or purchasing
  • Production BOM
  • Phantom BOMs
  • BOM formulas
  • Version management / revision management of BOMs
  • Where-used list of BOMs
  • Traceability across production levels
  • Single-stage and multi-stage production orders
  • work schedules
  • Just-in-Time
  • External production - extended workbench
  • Beistellungsmanagement
  • Steri-orders
  • Advance, follow-on and final costing
  • variance analysis
  • Work in process review
  • sales planning
  • Net requirements planning
  • operation Calendar
  • capacity planning
  • DBR
  • Batch production (optional)
  • Support for validation requirements of the FDA (21 CFR Part 11 and GAMP5), eg through seamless traceability of serial and batch numbers, expiry and production date, even across production levels
  • Audit Trail
  • Traceability
  • Quality assurance in production including test equipment management
  • Graphical control station (optional)
  • R&D support (optional)
  • Operating data acquisition (optional)
  • Estimates
  • internal and external repairs
  • Party property management
  • supplies management
  • Repair pricing
  • repair contracts
  • Repair BOMs (customer / process dependent)
  • Repair bridging / borrowing
  • descriptions of solutions
  • Spare parts
  • Technicians use planning
  • Connection of technicians
  • maintenance planning
  • Tour planning / tour optimization
  • automatically managed device book
  • Interfaces to test cases (optional)
  • Complaint / complaint management with action control
  • Administration of test plans
  • Quality assurance in goods receipt
  • Intermediate and final inspection in production
  • Storage of the quality control test values
  • Supplier Evaluation
  • Integrated revision-proof document management system (optional)
  • Human resources
  • Payroll
  • Time Management
  • Integration of fax and e-mail in business processes
  • Connection to marketplaces (Medical Columbus, GHX, HBS) (optional)
  • Connection of route planning systems such as Map & Guide, Mappoint (optional)
  • Telephone connection (CTI) for outgoing and incoming calls
  • Connection of export systems (ATLAS, sanction check, preferential costing)
  • Integrated webshop (optional)
  • Data exchange via EDIFACT, XML and others for connecting customers and suppliers
  • Central master data management for distributed legally independent structures
  • Ready-made sector-specific data cubes for the creation of multi-dimensional evaluations
  • Industry package based on Cubeware (BI, OLAP) or Analysis Services (MS SQL Server)
  • Hardware recommendations for the use of scanners, POS systems, etc.
  • Travel Expenses



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The Internet of Things (IoT) bridges the gap between digitized processes and the world of machines, devices and systems. Wolfgang Renner, Head of Healthcare Solutions, and Marc Griewel, IoT Consultant, explain why dealing with IoT is not a purely technical matter and how even smaller companies use the potential of the Internet of Things for themselves.

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