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Secure software implementation

The implementation phase is crucial for the success of a new software solution in the company. That is why KUMAVISION uses Structured approach, whose practical suitability has proven itself over the years: The practice-oriented, self-developed project methodology KUMAVISION target provides all necessary elements such as clear project and time schedules or a clear allocation of tasks and roles.

The administration of tasks, appointments and documents via the project management platform JIRA and the knowledge management tool Confluence ensures maximum transparency. These two tools from Atlassian have developed into a leading industry standard in recent years. In addition, all areas of the company and the involved employees involved. Because experience from 1.800 successful implementation projects shows: Only if a software solution is accepted by the users can a smooth real start and long-term productive use succeed.

Efficient project methodology

Dates, costs and goals: For a successful introduction, KUMAVISION relies on a proven approach, a partnership-based collaboration and time-saving tools - not just for data transfer.

Agile implementation

Depending on requirements, projects can also be implemented using agile procedures such as Scrum. A combination of classic and agile methods is also possible to achieve the best possible result.

Experienced project managers

Your project manager not only knows the software well, but also really well in your industry. He knows the typical stumbling blocks, is the central contact for all questions and always keeps an eye on the whole.

Comprehensive support

KUMAVISION is not only reliably at your side during the introductory phase. Our costumer service also supports you reliably in real operation - whether by phone, e-mail, remote maintenance or on request at your location.

Practice-oriented training

Training is essential so that you and your employees can work productively with the new software. In addition to on-site training, you can use numerous webinars to familiarize yourself with your new software.

Clear appointments

All tasks, appointments and support tickets are recorded and managed transparently on the KUMAVISION target online platform. So you have current insight at all times.

Execute software projects online

Employees at different locations, tight deadlines: In order to complete software projects successfully, we offer a proven online implementation - without on-site appointments.

You benefit from personal support, flexible time management and save travel time and costs.

Key users and users - on board right from the start

At KUMAVISION, the users - especially the key users, who are selected for certain company areas - are involved in the project from the start. This approach offers two major advantages:

  • The participation of the users is thus ensured at an early stage during the introduction.
  • On the other hand, users already get to know the specific application intensively before working with it in real operation.

This increases the acceptance of the new solution by users and there are no unpleasant surprises at the end of the project. The implementation is rounded off by accompanying change management.

User-oriented software implementation with KUMAVISION target

Project know-how with successful method

KUMAVISION has one for the important phase of implementation professional implementation methodology developed that guarantees a structured approach and integrates all areas of the company and the employees involved. For a professional, regulated and quick system change.

During the implementation, the leading project management platform Atlassian JIRA was used, which is used for documentation and mutual coordination. Which enables on online platform assignment and tracking of tasks and provides information about the status of a sub-project at any time. This structured approach not only lays the foundations for a distinctive quality management, but also ensures acceptance on the part of the users, since the project progress can be transparently tracked.

The advantages of an introduction with KUMAVISION target

Clear regulation

The systematic project approach makes it easier to work on and work through open points and any problems that may arise. Because the orientation towards milestones and the description of the associated tasks structure the project process and clearly define the individual steps.

Successful teamwork

Atlassian JIRA is the leading project management platform. The complete integration in Microsoft Office and Teams simplifies and accelerates numerous processes. Functions such as the Kanban board also make Jira ideal for agile development and introduction of software.

Classic or agile - the right approach for your project

Depending on the project and the respective requirements in the company, the appropriate procedure should be chosen. In addition to traditional methods such as the waterfall model, we also offer you the option of an agile project implementation. The interaction between our certified Scrum Masters and Product Owners with the development teams ensures successful implementation.

Classic approach

The participants formulate specific targets. Steps are thought backwards from the goal and divided into different project phases.

The Advantage: The project scope is fixed from the start and project risks are reduced thanks to well-documented functions and requirements.

Agile approach

Not everything is planned from the beginning, only the basic features of the course are defined. The details are constantly readjusted.

The Advantage: New requests or requirements can easily be taken into account, and the first results are available after a short time.


Especially with large and long-term projects, it can make sense to combine both methods.

In addition, even such complex projects as an ERP implementation cannot be carried out 100% agilely, as changes that are implemented in the course of a user story can also have effects on the overall system.

When is the use of agile methods useful?

Agile project management is particularly suitable if it is not clear at the beginning what the customer needs and what requirements the product must meet in the end. So if it is to be expected that one must gradually approach the result.

The agile approach is particularly suitable in the following cases:

  • If the first results are to be available early in the course of the project.
  • Requirements, goals and the technology to be used are dynamic and not fully tangible.

Ask us?

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