ERP software for rehabilitation technology and rehab specialist retailers

The ERP industry solution based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV enables companies in the field of rehab technology not only to become more efficient, but also to develop additional business areas with individual services.

With process and recipe managers, KUMAVISION offers the efficient processing of prescriptions in the field of rehab technology: company-wide workflows with automated follow-up processes increase the number of processed prescriptions with the same number of employees.

Individual and standard

On the one hand, KUMAVISION enables efficient patient care with standard products. On the other hand, the ERP industry software for rehabilitation technology and rehab specialist retailers has numerous functions that considerably simplify the customization and configuration of individual products and make the corresponding data available company-wide.

KUMAVISION is based on the globally proven standard Microsoft Dynamics NAV and thus brings all the features that users expect from modern business software.

Advantages for rehabilitation technology and rehab specialist trade KUMAVISION ERP

  • Highly automated functionalities for the efficient handling of processes with standard products
  • Electronic Inbox Monitoring
  • Automatic flat rate monitoring
  • Reminder runs for prescription, compliance checks, quotes
  • Flexible, patient-related configuration
  • Rehabilitation Sonderbau
  • Powerful pool device management
  • Re-use management
  • Preparation of tools with ready-made workflows

All features

Accelerate your processes, save sustainable time

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ERP industry functions and business processes for life sciences

KUMAVISION ERP is the perfectly coordinated ERP software for rehabilitation technology companies. Numerous tried-and-tested industry-specific functions ensure well thought-out business processes and therefore greater competitiveness.

device management

KUMAVISION ERP supports MPG-compliant documentation and the management of product characteristics such as seat width, tires or electrification. Electronic device file completely maps the complete product life cycle.

pool management

KUMAVISION ERP offers convenient functions for the management of requests for the reuse of devices on the health insurance platforms, collection orders and the storage of pooled devices with register numbers.


The processing, tracking and post-calculation of the lump-sum payments is integrated directly into the business process. This way, you can see at a glance which case flat rate is worthwhile, which products are used by which customer and which services have already been provided.

All industry functions

What our customers say

  • As a specialist for rehabilitation, orthopedics and nursing, we depend on efficient processes. KUMAVISION med is the decisive success factor here. Since the introduction we handle more transactions with the same staff 150%.

    Frank Hodey, Managing Director, VitalCentrum Hodey AG
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Best Practice with KUMAVISION

Profit from

  • Over 200 Best Practice Processes in the ERP Software
  • Easy adjustment via parameters
  • Interactive documentation with training function
  • Tried and tested procedures from practice
  • Development in dialogue with users and decision makers
  • Fast training of new employees

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Unique Device Identification (UDI)

Box UDI label

All UDI data directly from the ERP software

  • FDA and MPG compliant product labeling
  • Master data maintenance (article and manufacturer designations, storage conditions, sterilization procedures, lot sizes, etc.)
  • Automatic generation of variable data (serial and batch number, expiry date etc.)
  • UDI-compliant product labeling
  • Label printing (NiceLabel required)
  • Data export for GUDID message

Inform now about UDI

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Siegfried Kratsch

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