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LS Central -
the complete retail software

The retail solution for branch and retail stores, specialist markets and franchises

Efficient settlement processes and transparency in the processes are a prerequisite for economic success for you as a dealer. With the right software you are the decisive step ahead of the competition. Put your trust in LS Retail, the global retail software LS Central (formerly LS Nav Retail) of the leading manufacturer LS Retail, and win new opportunities for your business.

LS Central is LS Retail's all-in-one retail and retail solution based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. The integrated retail complete software covers all areas of responsibility - from the POS to the back office to the head office. The consistent networking of all company divisions and sales channels, a uniform database and the modern technology platform form the basis for detailed evaluations, smart store concepts and automated marketing campaigns. In short: for the trade of the future.

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One software for all requirements

With LS Central retail software, you get all the benefits of a fully integrated system for your business: LS Central connects checkout, PoS, store management and head office. The advantage: Through the consistent use of retail software, all employees work with the same information. And thanks to smarter CloudSolution, you can access it anytime, anywhere with any device.

Check Out


Back office

Head Office

Functions for PoS, back-office and central office

  • Maintenance of article master data and customer data
  • Control campaign and marketing campaigns
  • Financial Accounting
  • Logistics, purchasing and production control
  • Staff management and resource planning
  • Cross-branch analyzes and reports
  • Product Configurator
  • Product lifecycle management
  • Automatic delivery to the branches (replenishment)
  • Fast check-out - easy operation
  • product presentation
  • Versatile customizable menus
  • Support for popular POS hardware
  • Article Cross-selling
  • Article search criteria
  • Bonus programs
  • Various payment options / split
  • Sales orders available at the POS
  • Product Configurator
  • Local software - central facility
  • Branch Dashboard
  • cash management
  • Cash Management
  • Simple daily closing
  • Inventory and booking through simple worksheets
  • Branch delivery based on stocks, orders and stock transfers
  • Purchase and orders
  • Sales history
  • Simple daily closing
  • Goods acceptance and search
  • Goods issue and picking
  • Flexible architecture
  • Wish lists of customers (wedding list, birthday list)
  • Mobile POS
  • Mobile loyalty app
  • Loyalty portal
  • EC and credit card payments
  • eCommerce for branches
  • Mobile inventory recording
  • Receipt / Goods Issue
  • Label Requirements / label printing
  • Order by code
  • Inventory posting, changes and transcripts

Get to know LS Central

Secure yourself a sustainable competitive advantage with the software complete solution LS Central and get to know the various functions of the software in a personal demonstration.

Your advantages with LS Central

All business functions from checkout to back office in a unified system and a consistent integration of e-commerce and stationary trading: LS Central ensures lean processes throughout the company and provides valuable insights into cross-channel customer behavior.

Monitor your results in real time

Check your store profitability and analyze revenue distribution by point of sale, total revenue, number of customers, number of items or average purchase price.

Increase storage efficiency

Spend less time managing warehouse processes up to 60%, get complete inventory control, and reduce wastage losses.

Perfect shopping experience in all distribution channels

Attract new generations of buyers by ensuring an outstanding shopping experience in distribution channels through an ecommerce platform and a loyalty app.

Reliable, accurate financial data

Increase your revenue and reduce your operational costs by eliminating discrepancies with unreliable financial data.

Management of promotions and coupons

From mix & match to vouchers and discounts:
Prepare prices and offers in advance, configure and control them from headquarters for all branches.

Reduction of training times for employees

Save precious time training your staff with LS Retail's easy-to-use, intuitive interface.

LS Central with KUMAVISION - The retail solution for your industry

All functions in one software

Cover all processes and tasks with a single software. The complete retail software LS Central already has all the necessary functions for your industry and is easily adaptable to company-specific requirements

Delicacies: confectionery, delicatessen and wine

The complete retail software LS Central supports you in all activities related to your business processes: warehouse, finance and customer service are handled in one solution. Numerous tried and tested best practice processes ensure a quick introduction and efficient work processes.

Your advantages with LS Central

  • Perfect customer service through information support at PoS
  • Efficient warehouse management: low capital commitment, high availability of goods
  • User-friendly interface ensures high user acceptance and low training costs
  • Automatic workflows accelerate processes and increase profitability
  • Personnel management made easy with rosters and recording of working hours
  • Make informed decisions thanks to real-time access to reliable data
LS Omni Channel

More success with Omni-Channel

More and more retailers are using an omni-channel strategy to respond to customers' changing buying behavior. LS Central's complete retail software brings with it enhanced omnichannel support linking e-commerce and brick-and-mortar retail. For a seamless, personalized customer experience across all channels - including social media - without interfaces.

Central data maintenance

Product descriptions, images, videos, specifications, trim levels, color variations, manufacturer information, 3D animations, safety notices, digital signage content and, of course, pricing and availability: Merchants in particular need a variety of omni-channel solutions with e-commerce components Information in different formats. LS Central can therefore be enhanced with Content Management System (CMS) and Product Information Management (PIM) features. The advantage: all information is centrally maintained at one point and automatically output to the different channels.

Seamless integration of e-commerce platforms

The communication between the e-commerce platform and LS Central takes place in real time. Data such as articles, prices, stock or customers are maintained centrally in LS Central and transferred to the e-commerce solution. Customer-specific product ranges and prices, graduated access authorizations or individual payment conditions are easy to set up.

Cross-channel marketing campaigns

Rigid newsletters are a thing of the past with LS Central: Personalized e-mails with individual offers are automatically generated by the system on the basis of freely definable rules, customer history and AI-based product suggestions. Customer groups can be flexibly segmented according to different characteristics. Multilevel campaigns reflect the entire product lifecycle. In addition to e-mails, classic print mailings as well as in the future also messenger services as well as social media are supported. The basis for the automated campaign control is the cross-channel customer behavior. This gives traders a powerful tool for efficiently linking e-commerce and brick-and-mortar retail. Individually configurable dashboards provide a concise graphical evaluation with all relevant KPIs to measure the success of a marketing campaign based on robust numbers.

Smart gate

The basis of smart stores is the consistent networking of different technologies and data sources. For example, the LS Central retail software is the leading system. Not only does it transfer all prices in real time to electronic shelf labels, it also provides advanced product information to self-service pillars, and it also fills digital content signage solutions. External data such as time, weather or weekday special offers with action prices (happy hour, cyber monday, etc.) can be automatically recorded. The maintenance of all content takes place cross-branch in LS Central, so that retailers also benefit from the scaling effects, even with a small number of branches.

Mobile cash registers

In sales mobile cash registers improve the quality of advice and service. In addition to apps for smartphones and tablets, LS Retail also offers a web client. Companies are thus free in the choice of cash desk hardware. With LS Recommend, a solution is also available for inpatient and mobile health insurances that creates individual product proposals on the basis of artificial intelligence and thus increases sales through up- and cross-selling.

Unified Commerce with Dynamicweb

Dynamicweb offers an e-commerce platform that integrates seamlessly with LS Central. The advantage: The comprehensive networking of e-commerce and stationary trade creates lean processes company-wide, enables cross-channel marketing campaigns and logistics concepts and opens up valuable insights into overall customer behavior.

Highlights of the e-commerce platform:

  • Seamless integration into the retail complete software LS Central
  • Real-time communication between e-commerce platform and LS Central
  • Central data maintenance in LS Central
  • Creation of customer-specific assortments and prices, graduated access authorizations or individual payment conditions
  • Numerous features such as self-service, personalized offers or email notifications after shopping cart cancellation already in the standard

The right extension for your retail solution

Extend the functionalities of LS Central with suitable modules that are exactly adapted to the requirements. The extensions can be seamlessly integrated into the already existing business software LS Central. So you have full access to the data stored in the corporate software, keep an eye on your entire company and control all processes conveniently from a software.

Event management with LS Activity

LS Activity supports you to organize events such as company parties, workshops or in-store events - simply and conveniently in your retail software.

Personalized product recommendations with LS Recommend

LS Recommend analyzes the purchasing behavior of your customers. On this basis, you can surprise your customers with individual product recommendations.

The perfect double: modern cash register hardware and the retail software LS Central

In conjunction with state-of-the-art POS hardware, the retail software LS Central at PoS unfolds its full potential. Due to the open interface architecture (OPOS driver), LS Central supports both cash registers and all PoS peripherals. Of course, you can also connect mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets for guided shopping or mobile payment.


The latest retail trends

The branch and retail sector is facing fundamental challenges: New experience stores are conquering the pedestrian zones, while modern technology such as Click & Collect is leading to a merger of online and stationary retail.

Learn about the top seven retail trends and how to use them for your business.

  • Specialized shops and pop-up stores
  • Unforgettable shopping experiences
  • Virtual and augmented reality
  • Product Recommendations, Chatbots and Co.
  • The conscious consumer
  • Subscription services
  • Personalized products

Everything at a glance

Kumavision Retail Trends 2018

FAQ: The most important answers to LS Central

We have collected answers for you on the most frequently asked questions and the most important facts about LS Central and compiled them clearly.

What is LS Central?

LS Central is the new generation of LS Nav's all-in-one retail solution. LS Central is based on the ERP solution Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and extends the functionality of its predecessor LS Nav by numerous functions and drives the networking of all divisions further.


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