ERP software for electronics and high-tech wholesale

KUMAVISION ERP is the tried and tested solution for all business processes in electronics and high-tech wholesale. The ERP industry software based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV combines professional merchandise management, modern customer relationship management (CRM), fast logistics and complete financial accounting with all relevant industry functions for wholesale in the electronics and high-tech market.

Integrated ERP industry software

Benefit from greater efficiency through cross-departmental workflows and greater transparency through a uniform database.

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Advantages for the electronics and high-tech trade with KUMAVISION ERP

  • Workflow processes for wholesalers
  • Intelligently integrated CRM
  • Overview and control cockpits in sales and purchasing
  • Fast logistics with connection to UPD, DPD, GLS, and many more
  • Integrated document management (manage documents via drag and drop)
  • Incoming inspection, serial number tracking and complaint
  • Webshop connection with logistics integration
  • Cross-selling
  • Flexible price maintenance
  • Full integration of financial management and business intelligence
  • Precious metal surcharges and discounts in purchase and sale
  • Credit limit check in shipping
  • Claims management
  • EDI connection (optional)

All features

ERP industry functions and business processes for electronics and high-tech wholesale

KUMAVISION ERP is the perfectly matched ERP software for wholesale in the electronics and high-tech industries. Numerous tried-and-tested industry-specific functions ensure well thought-out business processes and therefore greater competitiveness.

Forecasting & Reporting

Specially tailored masks provide the responsible decision-makers with a quick overview of the day's events. The specialist departments can thus create evaluations of their own areas - without programming knowledge.

EDI data exchange

Optimal integration of processes between locations, subsidiaries, customers, suppliers. The industry software significantly simplifies and accelerates the exchange of electronic document and master data.

Pack management and logistics connection

With an optional module, transport and freight companies can be seamlessly integrated into the industry software. Exchange data for collection, labels and delivery notes electronically

Document Management (DMS)

With the ERP integrated document management, you can provide your employees with important texts, letters, drawings and pictures at any time in the right context.

Copper and precious metal surcharges

Constantly fluctuating world market prices for copper and precious metals are forcing the electronics and high-tech industry to manage and calculate these value shares in purchasing and sales. KUMAVISION ERP automatically calculates surcharges and discounts.


Indispensable for all exporting companies: Paperless customs clearance with BEO ATLAS-EXPORT saves time and money and is permanently adapted to current legal changes.

All industry functions

What our customers say

  • Purchasing, order processing and sales, financial accounting, warehouse management and production - with KUMAVISION's ERP industry software we can fully map our processes. This has made a major contribution to smoothly managing our growth and now also using KUMAVISION in other companies and divisions

    Purchasing, order processing and sales, financial accounting, warehouse management and production - with KUMAVISION's ERP industry software we can fully map our processes. This has made a major contribution to smoothly managing our growth and now also using KUMAVISION in other companies and divisions

    Dr. Hartmut Simon, Managing Director Guth Unternehmensgruppe
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KUMAVISION's ERP solutions are tailor-made to meet the requirements of the electronics and high-tech industries. Be it manufacturing, trade or service: Find out at a glance which advantages KUMAVISION offers you in our Infosheet.

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  • Emtron electronik distributes power supplies through a Magento webshop with bidirectional Dynamics NAV integration, benefiting from automated data exchange and data transfer...
  • Worldwide sales of electronic components as well as the alfatec Car HiFi Division.More efficiency thanks to automated logistics and EDI.
  • Development, production and worldwide distribution of high-precision low and high voltage power supplies for industry and research.
  • As a contract manufacturer, Guth GmbH develops and produces customized high-voltage projects.
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FAQ electronics wholesale

  • What added value do I offer my electronics wholesale customers so that they buy products through me and not directly from the manufacturer?

    High readiness to deliver, great flexibility, low trading surcharges and efficient handling of freight and customs modalities can only be offered by dealers with a specialized IT solution and a lean structure.
  • How do I keep track of the many individual agreements with customers and prospects in sales?

    Clear cockpits in CRM, sales and purchasing provide the user with up-to-date data with color markings for special features.
  • How do I synchronize orders and demands despite permanently changing replacement times?

    Immediate disposition directly at order creation, a multi-store overall disposition and graphic inventory simulation ensure maximum overview at all times.
  • How do I manage and calculate additional costs for articles (eg copper surcharges) without costly sub-billing?

    The surcharge price management integrated in purchasing and sales enables an easy administration and automatic booking of all stock values. In addition, any number of surcharges can be managed per article, since a separate overhead line is generated for each precious metal component.
  • How do I easily exchange data and receipts without a complicated EDI project?

    Our EDX module enables communication with all modern systems based on the XML data standard. In addition, a standardized EDIFACT connection is available (Compello).
  • How do I keep an eye on the complete life cycle of a device?

    By default, every delivered device receives a device file in which all logistical and service-related processes are automatically stored.
  • How do I manage maintenance jobs for my customer's equipment?

    In the service module, current or current maintenance can be mapped based on the device file. In addition, all crucial information on service and maintenance management is clearly available in the system.
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