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ERP software for homecare service providers

Today, homecare service providers are faced with multiple requirements: Firstly, the market is characterized by a large variety of contracts, on the other hand, contracts are often awarded only through tenders. Profitable business is often only possible with correspondingly large contract volumes, because despite increasing transaction numbers, the revenue per transaction decreases.

The result: Homecare service providers are increasingly entering the area in order to increase their transaction figures and to be perceived by the health insurance funds as a visible contracting partner. At the same time, this new (market) situation places entirely new demands on companies - not just in terms of business processes, but also in their IT-side image.

The ERP industry software from KUMAVISION has all the functions required to enable homecare service providers to successfully compete in the market today. Whether clever scheduling or trip planning for the field service, whether task manager with automated workflow for in-house service or efficient storage and logistics solutions: With KUMAVISION you optimize your business processes sustainably and gain a valuable competitive advantage.

As an integrated software system, KUMAVISION offers a complete range of ERP services and specialized homecare functionality in one. You do not need any other software systems.

KUMAVISION is intuitive to use. This way, the Care sales force can concentrate entirely on care.

Benefits for homecare service providers with KUMAVISION ERP

  • Automatic process detection through text recognition
  • Electronic Inbox Processing
  • Automatic flat rate monitoring
  • Reminder runs for recipe, operating hours, compliance checks, etc.
  • Contract and operation manager
  • Electronic estimate
  • Billing according to §302 and §300 SGB V
  • Tour planning and optimization
  • Call center functionality

Accelerate your processes, save sustainable time

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More growth with the new KUMAVISION industry software for the healthcare market

In the interview: Sebastian Lins,
Managing director of Sapio Life GmbH


What our customers say

  • We chose KUMAVISION because this industry software, as an integrated solution, connects all areas of the company with one another, and also enables numerous efficiency gains through cross-departmental workflows and intelligent automatisms.

    Dirk Bauer, Member of the Management, PharmaCare GmbH
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