Automate tasks and processes with Microsoft Flow

Microsoft Flow automates routine tasks with your favorite apps and services. Classic functions such as receiving messages, synchronizing files and collecting data are networked together using simple logic. The result: Powerful apps for all devices that help you work more efficiently.

Microsoft Flow can access 190 data sources such as SharePoint, Microsoft Outlook, and Dynamics 365 access and connect them easily.

Map multi-level processes

Link multiple tasks with Microsoft Flow to an automated, event-driven workflow is.

Simply create apps yourself

With Microsoft Flow, developing your own apps is possible for everyone: In addition to a large selection of templates, Flow provides an intuitive point-and-click method for app design.

Develop individual solutions

Microsoft Flow has a native integration of extension options that allows developers to build app functions with Azure Functions and use custom connectors.

Automated processes with Microsoft Flow

Microsoft Flow is a cloud-based service that allows users to set up automatic workflows for routine tasks between preferred apps and services - with no developer or programming skills.

For more information, how to create workflows, and how to use common workflows, visit the Microsoft Flow Youtube channel.

The app designer

With Microsoft Flow, you can easily create logic for PowerApps with the FlowDesigner. It works according to the point-and-click principle and facilitates the integration of buttons, actions and data entries.

Uniform processes

Even in multi-stage processes, Microsoft Flow ensures that they are consistent and consistent, regardless of the location.

Microsoft Azure Logic

Use simple, Excel-like expressions to create powerful workflows that connect to multiple systems. Developers can also leverage the built-in features of Microsoft Flow to create Azure Logic Apps.

Comprehensive networking of data and services

Data is at the heart of every app. With Flow you can use 190 data sources and CloudNetwork services and easily link to workflows.








Google Drive




Other data sources

Exploit the full potential of Microsoft Flow

Combine Power BI and Microsoft PowerApps to take the analysis of all your business data to the next level and create your own apps for individual needs - without any programming skills.

Power Apps

Power Apps

Customize Office 365 and Dynamics 365 through powerful apps to the needs of your business. Make use of a large selection of templates or design the app design using the simple point-and-click method.

Power BI

Power BI

Leverage business analytics tools to gain visibility across all business units and generate visualized reports for enterprise-wide use across the web or on mobile devices.