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ERP software for plant engineering: Completely map complex projects in the ERP system

The project manager thinks of plant engineering in categories such as budget, cost of materials and working hours. Transferring this data by hand to a separate project software costs time and nerves. KUMAVISION's ERP software for plant engineering therefore transfers concrete production costs and resource expenditure into its own, complete project structure, thus automatically enabling a target / actual comparison from the project phase perspective. And a project accounting for progress.

Since the ERP software masters development as well as single and variant production as well as prototype construction in one system, the use of this industry-specific solution based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV simplifies the software landscape enormously. Plant and machine builders can use an ERP system to efficiently master their complex production and scheduling processes and track all phases of a project according to costs and deadlines.

The ERP software KUMAVISION for plant engineering - a complete tool for complex challenges

  • Development, construction, project management and financial accounting in an ERP system
  • Project plans with phases, milestones, tasks and responsibilities
  • Project progress and commercial project evaluation in real time
  • Clear management of internal and external resources
  • Diverse controlling: budget, material and time, schedule, quality
  • Mobile use with tablet and smartphone

ERP industry functions and business processes for mechanical engineering and plant engineering

KUMAVISION ERP is the perfectly coordinated ERP software for mechanical engineering and plant engineering based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV (Navision). Numerous tried-and-tested sector-specific functions ensure well-thought-out business processes and thus greater competitiveness - both nationally and internationally.

Manufacturing cockpit

All information at a glance thanks to clear structure representation with folding technology. Traffic light systems for deadlines, quantities and changes simplify the procurement situation. Changes in scheduling can thus be made easily.

Product version

Map the complete product lifecycle in KUMAVISION from drawing through prototype and 0 series to series production. Revisions control BOMs and routing usage in the scheduling and procurement process.

Change Management

Changed BOMs and routings are automatically transferred to the current scheduling and production processes. The target-actual comparison shows at a glance which production levels can be changed.

Warehousing and Logistics

The ERP solution enables machine building efficient warehouse management. It includes different storage types such as rack, hand, container, lock or return warehouses and supports both fixed-storage and chaotic storage bins.

Production Planning and Control (PPS)

The ERP software in the area of ​​production planning and control (PPS) ensures that material, personnel and equipment are always in the right quantity and at the right place at the right time. Optionally, solutions such as Orderbase can be seamlessly integrated.

CAD, CAE, PDM integration

The integration of design and process engineering systems in the ERP software for mechanical engineering is carried out via a bidirectional, parameterizable interface. Articles, variants, and parts lists are derived automatically.

Characteristic classification according to eCl@ss

Articles, variants and versions can be described according to DIN 4000 or eCl@ss classification with features. Even extensive article catalogs can be used efficiently in the ERP software for creating bills of material.


The ERP solution for mechanical engineering is optimally prepared for recording operating data, machine times and working hours. In addition to barcode-based solutions, electronic connections are possible.

Quality Management

QA-relevant material stocks or production steps can be easily stored in the ERP system. Test orders are automatically generated from these - as required, as input, intermediate or final inspection.


Everything you want to know. Everything you need.

The ERP solutions from KUMAVISION are perfectly tailored to your role in the company: Whether management, project management, purchasing, financial management and controlling, marketing and sales or customer service: Find out in our information brochure what advantages KUMAVISION offers you.


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