Documentary data exchange: KUMAVISION EDX module and Compello EDI

The EDX module from KUMAVISION enables easy electronic data exchange with customers, suppliers and sister companies. The required interface will be implemented in your existing ERP solution by KUMAVISION. In addition, we offer a standardized EDIFACT connection through cooperation with Compello GmbH.

Using EDI brings many benefits to your business:

  • Close bond with customers, suppliers and partners
  • Time savings through automated communication
  • Improved process reliability, reduced error rate
  • Fast payback: a return on investment within a year is no exception

Take advantage of the opportunities to tie your customers or suppliers closer to you while significantly simplifying and accelerating your processes!

EDX: Documentless data exchange for your ERP solution

The EDX module of KUMAVISION provides powerful functions for electronic data exchange. All KUMAVISION industry solutions have an XML-based interface for data exchange with third-party systems from customers and suppliers. The complete process control takes place directly from Dynamics NAV.

The necessary know-how for effective connections and resulting lean business processes is offered by our industry consultants.

Compello EDI: A solution for all requirements

In addition to XML, however, EDI includes a multitude of other standards and formats. Even known methods such as EDIFACT, VDA and openTrans have numerous variants. Usually, therefore, you need a separate, suitable interface for each contact. To facilitate paperless data exchange, KUMAVISION has teamed up with Compello GmbH, one of the world's leading paperless data exchange service providers, developed an interface that standardizes all EDI conversions.

The industry solutions of KUMAVISION transfer XML data via EDX to Compello. There, the data is transferred to the required format and forwarded directly to your business partners. To ensure secure and traceable data transmission, Compello relies on its worldwide infrastructure.

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