GDPR toolset for Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Dynamics 365 Business Central

Identify, edit and export personal data in the ERP

With the KUMAVISION GDPR toolset

you always have an overview of personal data
prove the processing activity according to DSGVO
determine which personal data is stored in the system
you can export personal data in XML format
get the right to forget and correct
automatically block master data records of specific persons
and all thanks to seamless integration directly in your ERP software!

Toolset GDPR for Microsoft Dynamics NAV + Dynamics 365 Business Central - Collection and processing of personal data

Full concentration on your core business: KUMAVISION offers an extension for the implementation of the DSGVO, which came into force at 25.05.2018 Microsoft Dynamics NAV (Navision) and Dynamics 365 Business Central (BC) on. With this extension, you ensure that you meet all the requirements of this Regulation and the legally required obligations such as Right to forget or the Right to correction progeny. The solution helps you integrate these new responsibilities quickly and easily into existing business processes and significantly reduce overhead.


Info: The General Data Protection Regulation

Regulation (EU) 2016 / 679 of the 27. April 2016

Corrigendum to Regulation (EU) 2016 / 679 of the 27. October 2016

EU, a European data protection framework for the 21. century

Requirements of the GDPR

Right to information

By means of a full-text search function, all data of a person and their respective storage location in the system can be retrieved. This information is created in pdf format and can be delivered to the person concerned immediately.

Right to be forgotten

The desire for deletion is often in contradiction to legal retention periods. The following applies: Data and documents that are subject to the retention period, for example for tax or commercial reasons, may not be deleted.

Right to data portability

According to DSGVO, a data subject has the right to "take along" his data in the case of a provider change. This data is exported in XML format.

Right to correction

It is in the interest of a person concerned that the data he uses are correct. He can insist on his right to correction.

Right to limited processing

Blocking master data ensures that data subject records are not processed under the Restricted Data Processing Law.

List of processing activity

Each affected request processed with the toolset causes an entry in the request log. It serves as proof of the processing activities according to the GDPR.

Benefit from the GDPR!

Request a non-binding offer for the KUMAVISION GDPR toolset now and find out more about how KUMAVISION supports you in implementing the EU data protection basic regulation.

Identification of personal data in the company

The basis for the successful implementation of the EU General Data Protection Regulation is a definition of all tables and fields in the company that contain personal data. The DSGVO toolset is used to provide a setup suggestion, which can be customized with the data protection officer to suit the individual requirements of the company. A clear advantage, because companies start with the implementation of the DSGVO not zero, but can already rely on empirical values.

  • Customers, contacts, sales documents, service contracts
  • Suppliers, purchasing documents
  • Campaigns, Segments, Opportunities
  • Resources, Machine Centers, Plant Locations, Schedules
  • User roles and setup
  • G / L entries, dimension values
  • Change Log / Change Log, Custom Tables / Custom Tables

What are personal data?

Personal information includes all information relating to an identifiable person. They can be private, business and public in nature and allow for direct or indirect identification of a person. Examples of personal information include: name, photos, e-mail address, banking information, health information, online data such as IP addresses, user accounts, and social network user profiles.

Everything you want to know. Everything you need.

With the toolset DSGVO you fulfill all legal obligations of the EU data protection basic regulation directly in your ERP software. This saves you time in managing and processing personal data and allows you to fully concentrate on your core business: Find out more about the versatile functions of the add-on in our Factsheet.

Factsheet DSGVO Toolset

The GDPR solutions from Microsoft and from KUMAVISION in comparison

As part of a valid maintenance contract, Microsoft provides free functions that allow online GDPR-compliant queries in Dynamics NAV and Dynamics 365 Create Business Central. The functions of Microsoft are only available for Dynamics NAV versions from 2015 and later and require a corresponding technical update.

In order to support all Microsoft Dynamics NAV users in implementing DSGVO-compliant tasks, the DSGVO toolset from KUMAVISION does not require an update of the Microsoft Dynamics NAV base. Thus, the solution can be easily used even with older NAV versions. In addition, the extension of KUMAVISION offers a variety of features that are not shown in the standard Microsoft.

Supported versions
2009 Classic Client
2009 Role Tailored Client (RTC)
2013 / 2013 R2
(from CU * 42)
(from CU * 30)
(from CU * 17)
(from CU * 04)
Stand-alone toolset
Full-text search
Ad hoc report (pdf)
setting tables
Right to information
Right to data portability
Right to forget
Right to rectification
Right to restriction of processing
List of processing activities

* CU = cumulative update

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