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Efficient document management

For digital processes in your company

Efficient document management

For digital processes in your company

With digitization, the amount of information to be processed is increasing steadily: invoices are sent to customers and partners every day, communication takes place primarily by email. There are also paper-based documents such as contracts. All of these documents must be filed, sorted and archived in order to make the information contained therein accessible. A time-consuming and complex task.

A document management system (DMS) supports companies and institutions in the digitization of processes such as the storage, administration and tracking of documents. The central storage of all relevant information in one place relieves the employees of administrative tasks and frees them up for the really important tasks. In addition, a DMS ensures that all information is always easy to find - for example in the case of a tax audit.

Structured filing

Benefit from greater clarity thanks to a central storage for all documents and save money for the administration of paper archives.

Efficient workflows

Digital documents form the basis for automated processes between all departments that improve collaboration. This shortens processing times and cuts costs.

Transparent processes

Changes to a document are recorded without gaps and recorded in an audit-proof manner. This means that all machining processes can be traced at any time.

Find instead of search

All relevant documents for a specific process are clearly laid out, so that you can provide information at any time - to customers, service providers and authorities.

Legally compliant archiving

All data is archived according to legal requirements and sensitive data can also be protected. How to keep retention periods and improve your compliance.

Mobile access

All information is also available on the go, so that your employees can work anywhere.

What is an enterprise content management system?

Unlike document management systems, enterprise content management systems (ECM) are not limited to the management of electronic documents. The tasks of an ECM include the storage, backup, provision, consolidation and distribution of all information. This requires the interaction of various software solutions such as a web content management system and document management system.

Tailor-made solutions for your company

As a leading manufacturer of ECM systems, ELO Digital Office GmbH offers digital solutions for various business processes:

  • Audit-proof archiving
  • Email management
  • Applicant management & personnel management
  • Incoming invoice processing & invoice management
  • Contract Management
  • Visitor management
  • knowledge management
  • Virtual project rooms

KUMAVISION supports you in the selection, implementation and during live operation of your DMS or ECM system.

Highlights and functions of ELO Business Solutions

Workflow designer

Archiving of printouts

Document entry

Smart scan

Email archiving

Outlook integration

customer file

Electronic workflows

Always automate recurring routine tasks - without any complex programming. With the help of defined workflows, you can transparently control and efficiently process processes, for example for vacation requests, requirement requests or invoice reviews. The intuitive and easy-to-use form editor with keyword lists and predefined node types simplifies the creation of your own forms that serve as the basis of the workflow. You can also add an automatic email notification with just a few clicks. Wizzards and ready-made sets of rules help you to define individual processing steps up to entire process sequences and to save them for automatic processing.

By processing the defined rules in the same way, documents, for example, are always stored automatically in the same folder structure and always with the same nomenclature, whatever yours Data quality and efficiency increased enormously. The use of Java scripts is also possible for even more complex tasks.

So that you always have the current processing status of your workflows in view, ELO offers a clear overview Monitoring tool. So you can see at any time which document is currently where in the workflow, whether times have been exceeded and who has to do what. Another advantage: thanks to the monitoring tool, you are always available to answer customer inquiries.

Consistent processes thanks to ERP integration

A continuous flow of information in the company is the basis for digitized processes. However, all systems have to work together perfectly for this. This is made possible by interfaces that ensure a smooth exchange of information between the ERP and DMS systems. Thanks to the direct integration, all business-relevant data is available at all times and for all employees and can easily be used for subsequent processes. Thanks to the seamless interplay, companies benefit from integrated processes and automated processes. It is also possible to use DMS functionalities directly in the ERP solution. This means that users do not have to leave their usual working environment and can do all tasks directly in one system.

All benefits at a glance

  • Automated and accelerated processes: Users work with the familiar Microsoft Dynamics interface and do not need any further knowledge
  • Full overview: all operations and transactions at a glance, e.g. B. can be checked directly from Microsoft Dynamics whether it was archived correctly
  • More transparency: by linking the ERP data with the underlying documents
  • Easily customizable: Changes and enhancements to the functionalities are possible at any time without programming knowledge
  • Compliance with regulations: Fulfill all legal requirements regarding the archiving and availability of business-relevant information
  • No double editing: All necessary settings are maintained centrally in one place

KUMAVISION - your partner for digitization

With extensive knowledge of both DMS and ERP, KUMAVISION supports you in digitizing your business processes. Our consultants and developers have many years of practical experience in a wide variety of industries and can perfectly combine the requirements of ERP and DMS. For an even better interaction of all systems.

Whether before, during or after the implementation of your DMS system: With KUMAVISION you always have a reliable partner at your side who supports you in all questions relating to digitization.


Professional implementation

The implementation phase is of crucial importance for a DMS solution to have an optimal effect on productivity and costs in the company. With KUMAVISION target, KUMAVISION has therefore developed a professional implementation method that guarantees a structured, transparent procedure and involves all areas of the company and the employees involved. Experience from 1.800 successful implementations shows that a smooth real start and long-term productive use can only be successful if the software is accepted by the users.

Years of experience

With more than 20 years of experience and 1.800 successful software projects, KUMAVISION has extensive experience in the development and implementation of business solutions. Microsoft as a technology partner, continuous further development and a strong service and support team guarantee maximum future and investment security.

Long-term support

After a successful launch of ELO, we will continue to be there for you. Our support is at your side with help and advice. We also pass on our extensive experience in project implementation KUMAVISION target to you in the support area. After the productive start, our service concept seamlessly complements the project methodology KUMAVISION target, with which your project was successfully introduced. Our Service Account Managers (SAM) are available to you in case of suport, eg by telephone, e-mail, remote support (remote access) as well as on-site.

Grow together

Just as your company should not stand still, a modern DMS solution must also be equipped for future requirements and wishes. With the solutions from ELO and KUMAVISION as an experienced project partner, you can easily grow: Extensions such as new function modules or the integration of additional company areas can be implemented both during an ongoing project and after implementation.
ELO Business Partner

ELO Business Partner

KUMAVISION is an ELO Business Partner and is therefore part of a worldwide network that offers medium-sized companies in numerous countries the perfect advice on the use of Business Solutions from ELO Digital Office GmbH. In the course of the close cooperation, KUMAVISION influences product development and can thus directly implement the wishes of its customers.

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