Your digital way into the future with KUMAVISION

Anyone who limits digitization to state-of-the-art technology gives away valuable potential for the future, because this is about nothing less than the digital transformation of entire sectors and business models. The question of the "whether" no longer arises today. The focus is more on the challenge of setting up your own company for the future.

The right technological foundation is just one component. Equally crucial is the development or expansion of methodological knowledge and skills at the interface between business and technology as well as a new understanding of leadership that overcomes classic "silo thinking".

KUMAVISION accompanies you on this digital path into the future: on the one hand through products and solutions for your ERP system, on the other hand through strategic consulting and concrete support in the planning, implementation and evaluation of digitization projects.

Workshop Digitization - how KUMAVISION paves the way to a new era

Act proactively instead of just reacting. We accompany you in the digital transformation of your company. As part of the digitization workshop, we will talk to you about your ideas and ideas, concretize them and develop together with you solution concepts for the following fields of action.

Take advantage of the offer of our digitization workshop and develop in this workshop format solutions for your digitization strategy. Find out directly from Mr. Thomas Kugel and arrange a personal consultation.

Digitization in the manufacturing industry

The industry-standard ERP system for the manufacturing industry is the digital heart of the company. The advancing digitization challenges the ERP with various programs, apps, sensors and platforms as a central integration hub. At the same time, this results in enormous optimization potential. The participants were able to experience how they can be implemented efficiently and innovatively in all process areas in practical live presentations at the KUMAVISION practice forum "Digital Transformation in Production".

Practice Forum Digital Transformation in Manufacturing

Many fields of action, many opportunities

Even though the 4.0 industry is a major driver of digitization, digital transformation is by no means limited to production: sales and marketing, warehousing and logistics, purchasing, customer service, finance and controlling all benefit from the new opportunities.


Bidirectionally integrate IoT devices, use pre-configured authentication and security features, and intelligent services such as machine learning, stream analytics, bots, or cognitive services.

Agile IT

Digitize and accelerate business processes across departments. Connect your business with customers, suppliers and partners. Save time and money.

IT security

Whether true 24 / 7 availability, the implementation of regulatory provisions (ISO, data protection, FDA, ...), the introduction of innovative technologies such. B. Blockchain: Digitization creates security.

Business Analytics

Use the potential of your data! Gain new insights through Big Data and BI. Add new levels of data quality with artificial intelligence and machine learning.


Network plants, machines or products in the Cloud, Optimize production processes, inspire customers with innovative services throughout the entire product lifecycle.

New business models

Develop your products into usage-based services. Integrate services with added value than bookable components in your products. So you always stay in direct contact with your customers.

Digitization of processes with the IoT adapter

With the newly developed IoT adapter, you can easily extend the functionality of your industry software. The new software module enables easy integration of IoT-based sensors, machines and other devices into the ERP software Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Sensor data and other information from the Internet of Things can thus be conveniently transferred to the ERP software and used as a starting point for analyzes and further workflows. Another advantage: The IoT adapter can be used with IoT sensors and devices from different manufacturers because the solution supports the REST API, which is widely used in the IoT environment.

  • Automatic ordering of material via dash buttons
  • Use of data glasses
  • Order tracking along the entire supply chain
  • Follow-up of all production steps in the course of quality assurance
  • Automatic recording of operating data for controlling
  • Support of new business models such as "Pay per Use" by automatic data transfer to the ERP software
  • Predictive Maintenance by intelligent evaluation of sensor data

Digital Revolution - desire or reality?

Digitization, industry 4.0, Internet of Things (IoT), digital transformation of the economy: Regardless of the chosen term, there is hardly any other topic at companies such as the media so high on the market Agenda, If you do not jump on this train now, according to the overwhelming opinion of the experts, you will lose a lot of competitiveness in the future. But is everything really new? Read the cover story of our customer magazine KUMAlive.

KUMAlive cover