Thomas and Jens introduce themselves

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Hi all,

 Now it's our turn to give you a little insight into our start as a trainee in the Young Professionals program at KUMAVISION. "We" in this case are Thomas and Jens. Before we tell you what we have experienced so far, we would like to briefly introduce ourselves:

Jens: I am a married father ๐Ÿ‘ช, a trained industrial mechanic and a computer scientist ๐Ÿ’ป. In addition to watching ice hockey, my hobbies also include socializing and exchanging ideas with my fellow human beings.
During my studies to become a computer scientist, I came into contact with the profession of management consultant for the first time through student consulting, where I was able to get to know all facets from member to board.

Thanks to my education and varied professional experience, I was looking for a job that would allow me to combine everything: industry, IT and consulting. The KUMA trainee program to become an IT consultant in the factory area came at just the right time for me!

Thomas: As already mentioned in the first blog, I am the trainee who found my way into the MED industry solution. My experience in the voluntary fire brigade and my civilian service in 2010/2011, where I worked as a nursing assistant with people with physical disabilities, were certainly decisive for my decision to work in medical technology. During my subsequent business informatics studies, like Jens, I got involved in a student management consultancy and spent one semester each in India and Australia. Because of the experiences I had there, I consciously took the time to travel and reflect after my studies to find out for myself what is really important to me in life and I am very happy to now be part of the wonderful MED team! ๐Ÿ˜

โ“ The, the, the - Who? How? What? How so? For what reason? Why? If you don't ask, you remain stupid โ“

As aptly described in the previous blog post, the transition from the CHECK-IN phase to the practical phase KUMAExperience was very intense. When we were asked privately in the early days how the new job felt, we compared it either with our own studies, learning a foreign language or climbing a big mountain, because the learning curve is steep! ๐Ÿ“š


Since you join in the middle of ongoing project operations, the various projects are of course all at different stages of progress. In sales appointments, actual analysis workshops, user training, system tests, real starts and much more, you get to know a wide variety of customers and their needs in a very short time. It really is an enormous privilege to be able to look behind the scenes of so many companies and to increase one's own wealth of knowledge in the process.

A special highlight are the on-site appointments with the customer, which are now gradually taking place again - when you finally see the contact persons, whom you previously only got to know digitally via e-mail and teams from the home office, in person and walk with them through the offices, warehouses and production lines , then what you have learned suddenly becomes very tangible and real! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿญ

Our software solution Navision/Business Central is like a constantly evolving Swiss army knife with a thousand functions and each customer uses these functions in their own way and also combines them with additional software from other providers. It's easy to lose track, but thanks to the tireless support of our mentors, we trainees are gradually getting a feel for the range of functions, the performance and the expandability of the industry solutions with their many interfaces.


Never without my team

Speaking of support: We trainees in the Young Professionals program are really amazed at how attentive and proactive we are treated. Whether it's professional, organizational or personal - the mentors always have an open ear for us and help us enormously to gain a foothold in this new rhythm. The other team members also take the time to answer questions and provide well-founded insights into the respective focal points - helpfulness is really important here! Our trainee program is rounded off by regular feedback rounds, in which we trainees can reflect on what we have experienced together with our program manager Alexandra. ๐Ÿ’ก


The CHECK-IN phase brought us together and even if we have different experiences as a result of the different industry solutions - it's good not to be alone in these intensive first months and to go through the different stations of this new phase of life together with the others. In April we will have our first joint stay in the central office. And as comfortable as you can set up your home office, we hope and look forward to meeting you in person soon! ๐Ÿ‘ช

See you soon folks, stay healthy!

Greetings from Markdorf and from the home office,
Jens and Thomas