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Transform complex data from the ERP into valuable business insights

Do you use ERP software like Microsoft Dynamics NAV? Do you use a Microsoft SQL Server? With Microsoft Business Intelligence solutions, you get the most out of your business data. Create, distribute and manage enterprise-wide and cross-departmental reports.

Business Intelligence (BI) with Microsoft SQL Server

Your benefits

Modernize reporting

Decide on a scalable BI solution with up-to-date enterprise functionality.

To represent complex simply

Build powerful data models that are easy to understand and analyze.

Mobile work

Provide reports and KPIs on all mobile devices uncomplicated and secure.

Protect corporate figures

Assign dedicated access rights to departments, teams and individual employees.

Access all data

Link local data to the Cloud, Take advantage of hybrid BI solutions.

Relieve IT

Automate the delivery and distribution of reports through web portals and e-mail.

BI for Enterprise SQL Server

Benefit from scalability, secure access to data and reports, and the use of trusted tools. Introduce a server-based BI platform for the highest performance, flexibility and security. For the creation, distribution and management of reports, Microsoft provides services on the SQL server. For example, Cubeware, Power BI or Excel are used as the BI frontend for data visualization.

Mobile reports

Whether smartphone, tablet or notebook - mobile users have different demands on reports, KPIs and dashboards of the used Business Intelligence solution. With the BI solutions for SQL, the reports are perfectly matched to mobile work and dynamically adapt to different screen sizes (Reponsive Design).

Deploy reports on a BI web portal

Automate reports and KPIs in a central location with Business Intelligence Reporting Services. The web portals support modern HTML5 technology all browsers and operating systems. You control the access to sensitive company data by a dedicated rights concept. Particularly practical: Important corporate figures are visible on the web portal at a glance, without having to generate and open an own report.

Save time with automated reports

With our business intelligence solutions, you no longer have to create each report yourself. Using data-driven subscriptions, the SQL server automatically generates all the required reports. For example, the BI system generates a report for each customer who ordered something last month and sends it to the responsible clerk. You define the rules and contents for the report generation as well as the distribution once. The BI system dynamically evaluates the SQL database and automatically generates the new reports in the background.

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