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Your ERP system, your choice


Stay flexible

Every company has specific requirements, which are also reflected in the selection of the operator model. Do you find it difficult to decide which application to use? Whether public Cloud, Private Cloud, Hybrid solution or on premises - we will help you make the right choice. Of course, you can use our ERP, CRM, Business Intelligence, IoT and digitized process solutions in all operator models. And best of all: You always have the option to switch between cloudbased variants and on premise to switch.

Public Cloud

If you want to work with a publicly accessible server, then Public Cloud the remedy of your choice. The big advantage of the public Cloud: It can be set up particularly quickly and in a user-friendly manner.

Private Cloud

When using a private Cloud take hold of Cloud-Computing resources that you can use exclusively for your business. This makes this model particularly secure and is particularly suitable for companies that work with sensitive data.

Hybrid solutions

You want the advantages of the public with those of the private Cloud connect? Then you should opt for a hybrid solution. With this variant, you can decide which content you want to store in which data cloud.

On premises

If you want to implement your data on your server, then on-premises is the right choice for you. We help you to integrate your applications into your infrastructure. With our solutions, however, you can return to a cloudswitch based model.

How to find the right operator model


Contact experts

  Contact with us.

Determine requirements

Together with you, we will define which operator model best suits your requirements.

Introduce the desired model

Whether on premises or CloudSolution: We provide you with comprehensive support in introducing the operator model you require.

Use services

Do you have any questions or need support? We are there for you even after the installation. Our broad-based customer service team offers a holistic service from first level support to advice and further developments.

Have we piqued your interest?

Contact us! Together with you we analyze the requirements of your company and on this basis find the operator model that suits you.