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The future is now

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence in medium-sized companies

The possible uses of artificial intelligence (AI) range from image and data analysis to speech and text recognition and chatbots. Accordingly, the advantages that the use of AI brings with it are diverse: Automated processes contribute to increasing productivity and improving customer service, and comprehensive evaluations provide a sound basis for decision-making. Artificial intelligence therefore offers great potential, especially for medium-sized companies.

And the powerful Microsoft AI platform gives all companies the opportunity to benefit from it - regardless of whether they are large corporations or family-run companies. And the best is: The ERP industry solutions from KUMAVISION based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 work seamlessly with the AI ​​platform.

Analysis & Predictions

With the help of artificial intelligence, large amounts of data can be analyzed and predictions for the future can be made on this basis.


With the use of Robotic Process Automation (RPA), digital software robots, standardized processes and tasks can be carried out automatically. This relieves employees of routine tasks.


Chatbots and virtual assistants use AI to recognize and process inputs in natural language.

Image recognition

AI-based image recognition is used when evaluating images and live videos in order to reliably identify objects with a common characteristic. A classic area of ​​application for image recognition is quality assurance.

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IT strategy & digitization consulting

Digitization opens up many opportunities for medium-sized companies. KUMAVISION supports you in making the most of these opportunities.

  • Development of a future vision for your IT landscape
  • Advice from experienced experts with a deep understanding of processes
  • Comprehensive support in all project phases
  • Powerful solutions from the Microsoft ecosystem


What opportunities does AI offer your company?

Together with you, we identify opportunities and possible uses of artificial intelligence in your company and show you which AI applications will help you advance.

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Artificial intelligence in practice

What possibilities does the use of artificial intelligence open up? Application examples from the various company areas show what is already possible in practice today.

Digital workspace

From auto-correction to auto-formatting: AI functions that are directly integrated in tools such as Word, PowerPoint and Excel make work in the office easier. Voice-controlled technologies, such as those used to capture data by converting speech into text, also increase productivity.

Warehouse & Logistics

Sequence calculations of orders, the optimization of delivery dates and use of materials or forward-looking requirements planning: AI-based applications offer numerous added values ​​for medium-sized companies in the field of goods procurement.


Artificial intelligence supports production planning - from the automated creation of order processes to capacity planning based on real-time data and future utilization to the prediction of throughput times - for more efficient resource utilization and better delivery reliability.

Customer service

Use cognitive services and bot services to offer a first-class service - fully automated. Customers submit their information or service requests on a self-service portal in natural language. The request is then answered by a chat / voicebot based on defined decision trees in dialogue form or - in the case of more complex requests - forwarded to the responsible service employee.

Quality control

Does the actual condition of a product also correspond to the target condition? In visual quality control, AI saves a lot of time and thus ensures a lower reject rate, since possible production errors are recognized immediately. With the help of cameras and image recognition tools, the AI ​​software can identify deviations. The deep learning algorithm is trained with realistic data, which learns with each new error pattern and thus recognizes quality deviations better and better over time.

Dream team: AI and ERP

As a process and data hub, the ERP system plays a central role in companies' digital transformation. With the help of artificial intelligence, the ERP system becomes an intelligent corporate solution that processes and analyzes data and derives specific recommendations for action.

With pioneering Microsoft technology such as the Azure AI platform, artificial intelligence is already becoming a reality for your company today. From Office 365 to Dynamics: With services and tools you can easily expand your existing ERP and CRM system with AI applications such as machine learning or data mining and thus benefit from an attractive return on investment.

In conversation with the expert

Stefan Hillman explains in an interview why AI perfectly complements the functionality of the ERP system.

Stefan Hillmann, software architect at KUMAVISION

"Artificial intelligence will radically simplify the user interface of ERP systems in the next few years."

- Stefan Hillmann, software architect at KUMAVISION

Artificial intelligence in focus

Find out more about artificial intelligence, possible applications and the interaction with the ERP software in our blog.

AI is not a rocket science

No rocket science

Efficient, automated, intelligent: the use of artificial intelligence offers numerous advantages, especially for medium-sized companies.

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Artificial intelligence in action

Machine helps people

Digital eyes, intelligent voice assistants and chatbots: the possible uses of artificial intelligence are just as varied.

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Artificial intelligence in the future

What will the future bring?

Robotic process automation and virtual assistants take over routine tasks and can thus help to relieve employees in their everyday work.

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AI and beyond?

Image recognition, bots or knowledge mining: the Microsoft AI platform offers numerous intelligent services that you can easily integrate into your IT infrastructure. We support you from the selection of the right technology to implementation.

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Mixed Reality: the physical and the digital world combined

From the industry-leading HoloLens device to world-class mixed reality services for developers, Microsoft Azure is the only one Cloud, which enables end-to-end capabilities for mixed reality. In mixed reality, digital information is projected directly into the real environment using holograms. With the help of artificial intelligence, these holograms can react to commands in real time and interact with real surfaces - for a natural and intuitive experience that brings your data to life.

Repair and maintenance

Step-by-step instructions or helpful tips can be shown to the responsible service employee via VR glasses. In addition to a lower error rate, employees in training or training also benefit from interactive aids.