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KUMAVISION exceeds sales targets: market position further expanded

KUMAVISION successfully continued its positive development in the 2016 financial year. The targeted growth of ten percent was even exceeded: sales increased by twelve percent and now stands at 48 million euros (previous year 42,8 million). Earnings before taxes developed accordingly, the EBIT is 5,2 percent. The company, based in Markdorf (Lake Constance), together with 350 employees, is one of the leading Microsoft partners for business software in the German-speaking area.

Customer Magazine KUMAlive: Digital Revolution - Desire or Reality?

Many call it "the digital revolution". But revolution means that a previous system is completely replaced and suddenly replaced by a new one. This is out of the question when it comes to the digitization of the economy - so the red flags can stay in the moth box. However, cross-company networking, including machines and products, provides the breeding ground for revolutionary innovations. You can read how medium-sized companies in particular can benefit from this in our cover story.

Customer magazine KUMAlive: One case for two

In times of digitization and the CloudComputing is making the ERP world more complex. However, the choice of the right partner is always easier. Because only big and stable partners have the resources to keep up with the technology change. And dawdling does not work. Who tries to sit out the digitization sitting on a lost post. Microsoft as a global software company and KUMAVISION as a large but medium-sized implementation partner are the perfect team for SMEs. Read more in our cover story.

Customer magazine KUMAlive: Destination Cloud

"Every beginning contains a magic." Hermann Hesse had hardly any ERP software in mind when he wrote these words. Nevertheless, the quote fits in with his famous poem "Stufen". Because Microsoft assigns its business software universe from the Cloud New. Central star becomes the platform Dynamics 365 Business Central. What this spell looks like in detail, read in our cover story.

Customer magazine KUMAlive: Unified Platform

Marketing likes to think about floral formulations. However, behind the façade of grandiose word formations sometimes only something profane is hidden. But when we talk about the Microsoft Unified Platform, we can not handle superlatives. A platform on which all business applications with a common data model do their job - that is unique in the world. In this issue of KUMAlive, we not only explain the principle of the Unified Platform, but also present concrete application scenarios in additional contributions distributed throughout the entire issue.

World's highest partner competence: KUMAVISION is Diamond Partner of LS Retail

KUMAVISION has been awarded the diamond status as a partner of LS Retail. LS Retail, the world's leading provider of end-to-end software for retail, retail and hospitality, has been recognized as the most successful distribution and implementation partner at the Madrid Partner Conference. Diamond status - the highest category - reached only 13 companies worldwide this year.

Retail Trends 2018

The branch and retail trade are facing fundamental changes: New payment models, the connection of mobile devices or technologies such as Click & Collect present retailers with new challenges to which they have to adapt. To keep up with this rapid change, retailers need to know today what to expect tomorrow. In our Whitepaper "Retail Trends 2018" we have gathered seven of the most important trends.

KUMAVISION at MedTec: ISO, MDR, UDI - always well prepared

KUMAVISION will be presenting answers to urgent questions in the medical technology sector at Medtec in Stuttgart (Hall 3 / Stand C28). The ERP specialist has prepared its industry software for medical device manufacturers and distributors to meet the new quality management requirements of ISO 13485: 2016. But other current topics and trends such as the Medical Device Regulation (MDR), the Unique Device Identification (UDI) or the digitization of processes determine the ongoing development of the software.

Business Intelligence for Medical Technology: The Big Picture

Modern ERP software supports medical technology companies today in mapping their individual business processes in detail. But the large amount of data often makes it difficult to see the big picture. Business intelligence solutions provide a remedy here: They condense and analyze the flood of data from the ERP system and prepare the information into clear key figures.

KUMAVISION and LS NAV at EuroShop: More success through omni-channel and loyalty programs

Omni-Channel, Loyalty and mobile solutions for PoS and customers are the focus of the EuroShop presence of KUMAVISION (Hall 6 / Booth G01). KUMAVISION presents the new version 2017 of the world's leading retail software LS NAV at the stand of the Retail Competence Group. As an integrated software, LS NAV covers all areas of business, from point of sale and point-of-sale software, through warehousing and logistics, to the central head office with product and branch management, purchasing and marketing in a single solution.

KUMAVISION takes over ERP area from GemiTeam: expanded portfolio and regional presence in Bavaria

KUMAVISION AG has acquired the business unit Dynamics NAV of the Regensburg-based GemiTeam Gesellschaft für Software-Systeme mbH for 1.1.2017. With the acquisition, KUMAVISION, which is one of the leading providers of ERP and CRM solutions in the German-speaking region, is further expanding its regional presence in Bavaria. GemiTeam regulates the company succession with the sale and offers the customers and employees a secure future perspective.

GoBD transition period expired: That has changed

Although the GoBD (Principles for the proper management and storage of books, records and documents in electronic form and for data access) has already been included in the 1. January 2015 in force, but now the transition period ended. Since the 1. January 2017, all companies that have a minimum turnover of 17.000 Euro, are obliged to comply with this administrative regulation. This means that all electronically-generated data, ultimately having an impact on accounting, must meet GoBD requirements throughout the retention period. Not only the documents that directly affect financial accounting are affected, but also all records from ancillary and ancillary systems, such as payroll accounting, fixed asset accounting or enterprise resource planning. Also included is the data generated by electronic systems, including POS systems and cash registers or electronic scales.

With Business Intelligence for more profit

More perspective, less costs: efficient key figures make full-service providers more successful. Read in the article from the specialist magazine GesundheitsProfi how other service providers with business intelligence lay the basis for better decisions - both operationally and strategically. Full-service providers are enabled to conveniently analyze the profitability of individual supply lines, locations and product groups and to precisely track capital flows.

Customer magazine KUMAlive: Megatrends

In the Network of Digitization: Like Industry 4.0, Cloud, Business Analytics and Computing Everywhere are changing the future of corporate management

KUMAVISION is Microsoft Gold Partner for Cloud CRM

Microsoft has KUMAVISION Gold Partner status for Cloud-based CRM solutions. The company is one of the few Microsoft partners in the world to work for traditional customer relationship software as well as for Cloud CRM based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM Gold Partner status. With the introduction of a separate partner status for Cloud CRM underscores Microsoft the importance of this competence and business field.

KUMAVISION's publishing solution is "Certified for Microsoft Dynamics NAV"

The ERP publishing solution from KUMAVISION based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV now has the seal "Certified for Microsoft Dynamics NAV". Thus, the American software group confirms that the publishing software of KUMAVISION adheres to the highest standards in terms of quality, industry expertise and compatibility with Dynamics NAV. In the German market, only the publishing solutions of KUMAVISION and knk Business Software are officially certified by Microsoft.

KUMAVISION and knk cooperate in the publishing business

KUMAVISION AG and knk Business Software AG will work closely together in the field of publishing software in the future. This was announced by the two companies at the Frankfurt Book Fair. Under the banner of the progressive digitalization of the publishing and media industry, the two Microsoft partners will develop, distribute and implement their industry solutions from 1. January to advance 2017 together.

Integrated UDI support with KUMAVISION industry software: Optimal illustration of FDA regulations

The unique identification of medical devices (UDI) is mandatory from September 2016 for MPG Class II products for export to the FDA area (including US). KUMAVISION's ERP software helps companies placing medical devices on the market in compliance with UDI guidelines. Finishers and distributors benefit from master data maintenance of FDA-relevant product information. At the same time, the industry software controls the printing of labels and prepares the message to the so-called GUDID database. In addition, the introduction of UDI opens up great potential for companies to optimize and process their logistics processes.

Publishing workshop Business Reporting in an interview: Key figures for more competitiveness

Book publishers are forced by their business model to bring a variety of products on the basis of superficial market research on the market. They take great risks. It is therefore all the more important for them to be informed about the success at all times and to be able to compare their key figures with those of the competition. For this purpose, KUMAVISION AG and the publishing consultants Heinold, Spiller and Partner 2015 founded the publishing house "Business Reporting". One of the prominent scientific companions of the publishing workshop is Prof. Dr. med. Martin Forster from the University of Media in Stuttgart. In an interview with IT specialist journalist Michael Lemster, Prof. Forster shows that it is particularly helpful for publishers today to jointly define their key figures.

New standard, perfect result: KUMAVISION certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001: 2015

The healthcare area of ​​KUMAVISION is certified according to the new standard DIN EN ISO 9001: 2015. In the years before, she went through this process with her ERP industry software for medical technology and healthcare market after the previous standard. New additions include stricter requirements for risk management. On the other hand, the result remained the same: KUMAVISION mastered the certification with flying colors and without any hint or even deviation.

Prepare now: SEPA 3.0 will come in November 2016

The German banking industry plans significant changes for the SEPA direct debits from November 2016. Then the version 3.0 of the specification of the data formats becomes valid for the SEPA payment traffic. In particular, the direct debit system receives serious changes.

Specialist article: Standardized processes for the book market

What advantages do standardized processes have for the book market? How do publishers gain flexibility while retaining their individuality? Klaus Dargel, Sales Consultant at KUMAVISION, provides information in the current Sunday talk of the book market.

KUMAVISION Customer Forum 2016

Review, insight and outlook: 200 customers exchanged views on lectures, workshops and sessions on mobile solutions, industry 4.0, the ongoing digitization of business processes and KUMAVISION's ERP industry solutions.

More efficiency for SMEs

KUMAVISION Customer Forum 2016

Mobile solutions, the 4.0 industry and the progressive digitization of business processes will sustainably strengthen the competitiveness of SMEs. This is the conclusion of the 11. Customer forum of KUMAVISION, which took place in Wiesbaden at the beginning of June. 200 customers from the manufacturing, retail, service, medical and healthcare markets took advantage of the two-day event to learn about current trends and technologies in numerous lectures, workshops and sessions, and to interact with KUMAVISION consultants and industry peers. The focus was on ERP industry solutions based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 and Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

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