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13 December 2018

World's first industry software based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

With project365 KUMAVISION is one of the world's first ERP industry solutions for the Cloud-Platform Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central in front. The industry solution project365 extends the functionality of the neutral Basis Dynamics 365 Business Central with numerous industry-specific functions and workflows for project service providers.

A platform for everything

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is the CloudVersion of the well-known and proven ERP business software Microsoft Dynamics NAV. The centerpiece is the groundbreaking Dynamics platform 365, "The 'Unified Platform' from Microsoft opens up completely new possibilities for companies," explains KUMAVISION CEO Markus Birk. "It ensures a seamless interaction of Dynamics365 with office 365, Power BI and other applications and established integrated processes, workflows and evaluations. "In addition, all data is combined in a common data model and the data exchange takes place without any interfaces. Another advantage: With the Basis Dynamics 365 Customers benefit from automatic background updates and are always up-to-date with the latest technology CloudSolution such as easy scalability, maximum availability, unlimited mobility and a sustainable relief of the company's IT department.

Ready to Go: cloud-based industry solutions

Like its predecessor Microsoft Dynamics NAV is Dynamics 365 Business Central established industry-neutral. To the proven concept of industry solutions based on Dynamics 365 To offer Business Central, Microsoft has launched the "Ready to Go" program. As one of five Microsoft partners worldwide KUMAVISION has been selected by Microsoft for this program and offers with project365 now one of the first industry solutions based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. "We are pleased to have developed the world's first ERP industry software for project service providers on the new platform. The fact that Microsoft selected us speaks for the industry expertise and know-how of our employees, "says Birk.

Tailored software for project service providers

The solution project365 covers the tasks of engineering companies, software houses, consulting companies, industrial service providers and plant planners. Numerous industry-specific best practice processes in the standard ensure a quick start, because additional adjustments are usually not required. In addition to the DA-CH region, the industry software will soon also be available in Italy. There EOS Solutions takes over the sales and the implementation. The partner of KUMAVISION has been successfully distributing ERP industry software in this market for many years and is familiar with the requirements and needs of Italian companies.

Smart Start

In order to make the implementation phase for customers as easy and comfortable as possible, KUMAVISION offers various consulting services. From the presentation of the industry solution to concrete application scenarios in the company to consulting services during and after the implementation, these cover all phases of implementation.

Comprehensive industry expertise

Into the industry solution project365 KUMAVISION's extensive experience in 1.600-implemented ERP projects has been incorporated, as has the in-depth knowledge of KUMAVISION industry experts. They know the processes and processes in the companies from their own experience and thus know exactly which tasks the software has to master every day in practice. "These specific requirements can not cover industry-neutral ERP software. That's why we believed in the potential of the concept of industry software right from the start, "says Birk. Many years ago, KUMAVISION was one of the first Microsoft partners to receive the "Certified for Dynamics NAV" award for its industry-specific solutions, thus having a lasting impact on the concept of "industry software". "With Dynamics 365 The circle closes for us, "summarizes Birk. Just as KUMAVISION was already involved in the introduction and distribution of Navision (NAV) in Germany and has driven forward a continuous development of the base, so is the work on Dynamics 365 done in close coordination with Microsoft.

Broad solution portfolio

After the successful development of project365 KUMAVISION is already working on the implementation of further industry solutions based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Over the next few months, industry solutions for the manufacturing, wholesale, medical and healthcare markets will be available. "Thanks to our many years of experience in these industries, we know exactly what challenges companies are currently facing and will continue to face in the future. Our goal is to cover them as best as possible and thus to give our customers a clear competitive advantage, "explains Birk. In addition to industry-specific ERP solutions, customers can rely on KUMAVISION's broad portfolio of solutions, while CRM, Business Intelligence, and PowerApps can draw on all the dynamics 365Platform covers. "With our software products, we are optimally positioned, customers benefit from maximum future security," summarizes Birk.

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