05. December 2018

KUMAVISION supports "Digital Factory" of FH Vorarlberg

Students at FH Vorarlberg can now find out how digitization can be put into practice in the "Digital Factory" research center, in which KUMAVISION participates. The aim is to implement the newly available technologies for networking machines in a situation-specific manner and to test them in their interplay. In addition to students, the research center is aimed at companies in order to support them in the digital transformation.

20.11.2018 hosted the grand opening of the "Digital Factory". The sixth research center of Vorarlberg University of Applied Sciences deals with the diverse aspects of digital transformation in industry, develops practical solution scenarios and tests their implementation in a research and learning factory. The focus is on the digital networking of existing machines and software systems, process optimization through data analysis and the integration of new technologies such as IoT.

Networked processes

The digital factory consists of several components: in addition to parts of a real factory in real size, miniature and simulation models are also used. Together, they cover the entire value chain from design to production to service. KUMAVISION provides the tried and tested in practice ERP software Microsoft Dynamics 365 (NAV) available, which maps the entire value chain on the software side. With this, both the individual stages in production and commercial processes can be controlled. "In the digital factory, enterprise software is just as important a task as in real companies," says Rabanser. "It is the digital heart of the company and acts as a central integration hub for a variety of programs, apps, sensors and platforms." This includes Azure IoT, the Microsoft Internet of Things platform for networking devices for developing IoT applications , monitored and managed. KUMAVISION supports the research center in introducing and setting up the platform as well as the ERP software. In addition to their more than 20 years of experience in the field of software development, the employees will also contribute their extensive industry knowledge in the field of manufacturing. Helmut Rabanser, Managing Director of KUMAVISION Austria, explains: "We provide advice to professors and students throughout the entire duration of the project, and we contribute our know-how in the field of digital transformation." "It's exciting for us to see which solutions the students will develop."

Practice-oriented learning environment

The training of young professionals is one of the two central tasks of the "Digital Factory": The research and learning factory offers students the opportunity to play through different scenarios and thus to deepen their knowledge in the field of industry 4.0. "In implementing the digital transformation, practical knowledge is a key component. This is only possible if universities of applied science and companies work together ", Rabanser points out. In the future, the ERP software and other elements of the "digital factory" will find its way into various studies and courses at the University of Applied Sciences Vorarlberg. KUMAVISION provides process descriptions and preconfigured solutions (templates).

Digitization strategies for companies

Another central concern of the "Digital Factory" is to help companies to change their processes and processes Industry 4.0 to support. Therefore, Modellfabrik also sees itself as an open future laboratory in which companies can experience in concrete scenarios the possibilities offered by the 4.0 industry. "In order to master the digital transformation successfully, it is important to provide the company with illustrative material and to show which solutions lead to the desired result," reports Rabanser from practice. "Learning from the results of the Digital Factory is very helpful here." Equally important is the right partner to help companies implement their digitization strategy. KUMAVISION offers on the one hand the appropriate products and solutions in the field of software, on the other hand also strategic advice and concrete support in the planning, implementation and evaluation.

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