19. August 2021

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the market leader in the ERP segment

As part of the Nucleus Research ERP Value Matrix 2021, the cloudbased ERP software Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central recognized as the leading solution in the market.

The basis for the evaluation is the high level of innovation and user-friendliness of the solution, which in particular also meets the changing requirements of employees and companies for a digital work environment. In addition, Microsoft's ecosystem offers customers access to a unique offering across the entire business and technology stack.

Continuous updates to improve the core functionalities, flexible expandability using apps, fast and inexpensive provision in the Cloud, the easy adaptability thanks to the NoCode approach and the provision of chatbots as well as innovative AI and IoT functions make ERP software Microsoft Dynamics 365 the future-oriented solution for companies of all sizes. This is the result of the technology research company Nucleus Research in its annual ERP Value Matrix. In the course of this, the ERP solutions on the market are checked and evaluated with regard to functionality and usability. 


User-friendliness is convincing

According to Nucleus Research, Microsoft provides Dynamics 365 Business Central has a unique offer that is not only technically convincing, but also offers a high level of user-friendliness: “Microsoft uses a customer feedback model that enables the manufacturer to continue its customer-oriented strategy through numerous community channels and user studies. Updates throughout the year focused on improvements to core functionality and IT compatibility […]. Employees in the home office in particular benefited from this, because the update enables quick fixes without the support of IT staff. "


More power with industry software

For the technological basis of its industry solutions, KUMAVISION consciously relies on the world's leading technology platform Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. The industry-neutral standard software covers all areas of the company from purchasing and sales to warehousing and logistics to manufacturing and financial accounting in one solution. KUMAVISION expands the solution with industry-specific modules. Companies benefit from high-performance industry software and at the same time have direct access to the entire range of Microsoft technology such as business intelligence with Power BI, mobile apps or the IoT platform Azure. “With our ERP industry solutions based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 our customers receive the right instruments to actively shape digitization, to easily establish new business models or to react quickly to changes in the market, ”explains KUMAVISION board member Markus Birk.


More about the Nucleus Research Technology Value Matrix

As part of an annual analysis, Nucleus Research researches the entire market of ERP providers and subjects their solutions to extensive tests in order to determine the actual operational benefits of the software systems for customers. The aspects of functionality and usability are checked and evaluated in detail. The providers are then divided into a four-part matrix based on the analysis of their solutions: Leader, Expert, Facilitator and Core Provider. As the markets are in constant evolution, the center of the matrix is ​​reevaluated each time it is published. This ensures that the solutions rated as best always meet the current requirements


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