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22 July 2021

KUMAVISON named Business Partner of the Year by ELO

ELO Digital Office GmbH, one of the leading providers of Enterprise Content Management Systems (DMS / ECM) in German-speaking countries, has named KUMAVISION as Business Partner of the Year in the South Region at this year's ELO Business Partner Day.

Martin Birkhold accepted the award on behalf of the entire team corona-compliant with due distance in front of the headquarters of ELO Digital Office GmbH in Stuttgart from sales department manager Arthur Schummer.

"We are very happy about ELO's appointment as Business Partner of the Year", explains KUMAVISION board member Markus Leuter. "The award is a confirmation of the excellent performance and the extensive know-how of our employees, who actively support our customers in numerous projects in the digital transformation."

With the award, ELO Digital Office GmbH also honors the years of trusting cooperation between the two companies as well as the continuous development of software solutions around the ELO portfolio, which, for example, enable seamless integration of the DMS into ERP solutions based on Microsoft Dynamics and thus drive the digitization of business processes.


Always on the safe side

The many successfully implemented customer projects show how extensively companies benefit from digitized processes with the solutions from ELO and KUMAVISION. From invoice processing to digital personnel files to contract management, the seamless integration of the two solutions simplifies many tasks and offers convenient functions for daily work such as easy access while on the move or from the home office. "At the same time, the process reliability increases significantly," adds Martin Birkhold, DMS / ECM manager at KUMAVISION. “The automation of company processes, for example, helps to meet the regulatory requirements of the GoBD and GDPR. The system can also automatically monitor whether legal deadlines - for example for contract extension or termination of a contract - are being met. "

Thanks to the seamless integration of the DMS into the ERP software solutions from KUMAVISION, companies have direct access from the ERP system to the documents, e-mails and contracts stored in the DMS. This not only means less effort and more efficient processes, but also brings about cost reductions. Because information is accessible to all employees and can be called up directly from the respective process in accordance with the motto “Find instead of search”.


You can find more information about the solutions from ELO here:


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Digital processes made easy



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