24. February 2021

KUMAVISION integrates additional payment checks from scanacs in industry software: massive time and cost savings through automated query

Effective immediately, KUMAVISON offers its customers a significant simplification of the copayment check. This is made possible by a cooperation with the Dresden company scanacs, a service provider specializing in electronic communication with health insurance companies. KUMAVISON integrates the service of the scanacs platform directly into its own industry software. The new function promises massive time and cost savings, as the manual maintenance of the insured person's status and the time-consuming processing of recipe returns will no longer be necessary. The status of a patient's co-payment exemption is queried in real time from the statutory health insurances and automatically taken into account in the billing in the industry software.

Around a third of all retaxing revolve around the question of whether an insured person is exempt from co-payments or not. With the automated query in our industry software we ensure that other service providers always invoice on the basis of correct information and thus relieve their employees of time-consuming routine tasks in invoicing health insurance companies and patients in the long term, ”explains Wolfgang Renner, Head of Healthcare Solutions at KUMAVISION AG.

“By integrating our service into the KUMAVISION software solution, we can reach an even larger group of recipients and thus ensure that the other service providers have more time to care for their patients. In addition, annoying retaxing processes are minimized and unnecessary queries to the health insurance companies are avoided, ”explains Frank Böhme, managing director of scanacs.

Real-time communication with health insurance companies

The copayment check takes place automatically a few seconds before an invoice is created and posted in the industry software. In the background, the exemption from co-payments is queried electronically in real time via the servers of the statutory health insurance companies. This information is transferred directly to the industry software, invoices are automatically adjusted - if necessary - without any intervention by the user. This ensures that the billing of services according to §302 and §300 SGB V is always based on current information about the insured. Since the query is made every time an invoice is issued, exemptions achieved during the course of the year by exceeding the 1% or 2% limit are immediately recognized and automatically taken into account in the billing.

Successful practical application

The solution is already being used successfully by KUMAVISION pilot customers. “Our customers report a drastically reduced reduction rate, as the additional payment status is automatically queried each time an invoice is issued and is therefore always correct. In addition, there is massive time and cost savings, as time-consuming checks prior to invoicing or extensive reworking with invoice corrections and credits, etc. are completely eliminated, "reports Renner.

Digitization of the healthcare market

The function is seamlessly integrated into the current version of the KUMAVISION industry software for other service providers. No additional software is required. KUMAVISION offers its customers an attractive price model with usage-based billing (pay-per-use). The additional payment check is part of the digitization strategy of KUMAVISION, further services for other service providers are in preparation and will be presented in the coming months.


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